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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Vanguard

Highlight Intros, also called Operator Intros, are a mechanic featured in Call of Duty: Vanguard. They are brief character animations featured before the Play of The Game or final KillCam, showcasing the player's selected Operator.

List of Highlight Intros

Note: Unless an Operator is specified, the Highlight Intros are available to all Operators.

Name Rarity Preview How to obtain
Press Check Base PressCheck HighlightIntro Polina CODV.gif Unlocked by default
Acrobatic Assault Common AcrobaticAssault HighlightIntro Isabella CODV.gif Isabella - Operator Level 15
Aim Down Common AimDown HighlightIntro Lewis CODV.gif Lewis - Operator Level 15
Battle Ready Common BattleReady HighlightIntro Francis CODV.gif Francis - Operator Level 15
Dance Of Death Common DanceOfDeath HighlightIntro KimTaeYoung CODV.gif Kim Tae Young - Operator Level 15
Fatal Landing Common FatalLanding HighlightIntro Florence CODV.gif Florence - Operator Level 15
Flashy Setup Common FlashySetup HighlightIntro Gustavo CODV.gif Gustavo - Operator Level 15
Perfect Defense Common PerfectDefense HighlightIntro Anna CODV.gif Anna - Operator Level 15
Smoked Out Common SmokedOut HighlightIntro Thomas CODV.gif Thomas - Operator Level 15
Thrown Off Common ThrownOff HighlightIntro Mateo CODV.gif Mateo - Operator Level 15
Airborne Rare Airborne HighlightIntro Arthur CODV.gif Arthur - Operator Level 15
Batter Up Rare BatterUp HighlightIntro Wade CODV.gif Wade - Operator Level 15
Challenge Accepted Rare ChallengeAccepted HighlightIntro Roland CODV.gif Roland
Clearing The Chamber Rare ClearingTheChamber HighlightIntro Roland CODV.gif Roland - Operator Level 15
Coming In Hot Rare ComingInHot HighlightIntro Halima CODV.gif Halima - Operator Level 15
Crossfire Rare Crossfire HighlightIntro Daniel CODV.gif Daniel - Operator Level 15
Fearless Flair Rare FearlessFlair HighlightIntro Constanze CODV.gif Constanze - Noble Death Bundle
Full-Auto Rare FullAuto HighlightIntro Solange CODV.gif Solange - Operator Level 15
Glaive Sweep Rare GlaiveSweep HighlightIntro CODV.gif Ignition Bundle
Hardscope Rare Hardscope HighlightIntro Polina CODV.gif Polina - Operator Level 15
In Honor Rare InHonor HighlightIntro Francis CODV.gif Francis - Battle Pass Season One Tier 26
Lock And Load Rare LockAndLoad HighlightIntro Padmavati CODV.gif Padmavati - Operator Level 15
Play To The Crowd Rare PlayToTheCrowd HighlightIntro Lucas CODV.gif Lucas
Posted Up Rare PostedUp HighlightIntro Constanze CODV.gif Constanze - Operator Level 15
Pumped Up Rare PumpedUp HighlightIntro CODV.gif Battle Pass Season Three Tier 94
Run And Gun Rare RunAndGun HighlightIntro Beatrice CODV.gif Beatrice - Operator Level 15
Shovel Sweep Rare ShovelSweep HighlightIntro Daniel CODV.gif Daniel - Battle Pass Season Two Tier 26
Showboat Rare Showboat HighlightIntro Lucas CODV.gif Lucas - Operator Level 15
Suppressive Fire Rare SuppressiveFire HighlightIntro Shigenori CODV.gif Shigenori - Operator Level 15
Active Reload Epic ActiveReload HighlightIntro CODV.gif
Bloodhound Epic Bloodhound HighlightIntro Lewis CODV.gif Lewis - Orange Hornet Operator Bundle
Celebrating Light Epic CelebratingLight HighlightIntro CODV.gif Tracer Pack: Big Easy Bundle
Defensive Approach Epic DefensiveApproach HighlightIntro CODV.gif Shore Leave Bundle
Jump To Conclusions Epic JumpToConclusions HighlightIntro Anna CODV.gif Anna - Tracer Pack: Hell Hounds Mastercraft Ultimate Pack
Killer Attitude Epic KillerAttitude HighlightIntro Halima CODV.gif Halima - Warning Sign Bundle
No Peeking! Epic NoPeeking HighlightIntro CODV.gif Secret Santa Bundle
Uncorked Epic Uncorked HighlightIntro CODV.gif Broken Resolutions Bundle
Arnis Attack Legendary ArnisAttack HighlightIntro Isabella CODV.gif Isabella - Wild Rose Operator Bundle
Bad Idea Legendary BadIdea HighlightIntro CODV.gif Horsemen of the Apocalypse: War Ultra Skin Bundle
Circle Slash Legendary CircleSlash HighlightIntro Shigenori CODV.gif Shigenori - Oni's Whisper Bundle
Easy, Cowboy Legendary EasyCowboy HighlightIntro CODV.gif Battle Pass Season Three Tier 26
In Focus Legendary InFocus HighlightIntro Padmavati CODV.gif Padmavati - American Dreaming Bundle
Nunchaku Master Legendary InPosition HighlightIntro CODV.gif Measure For Measure Bundle
Nice Shot Legendary NiceShot HighlightIntro Halima CODV.gif Halima - Battle Pass Season One Tier 94
Rally The Troops Legendary RallyTheTroops HighlightIntro Arthur CODV.gif Arthur - Lion Hearted Bundle
Rival Protocol Legendary RivalProtocol HighlightIntro CODV.gif Tracer Pack: Mechagodzilla Limited Time Bundle
Show Of Force Legendary ShowOfForce HighlightIntro Polina CODV.gif Polina - Motherland Bundle
Surprise! Legendary SayHello HighlightIntro CODV.gif Santa's Slay Bundle
Swordsmith Legendary Swordsmith HighlightIntro CODV.gif Grand Rank Bundle
Tactical Toke Legendary TacticalToke HighlightIntro Snoop CODV.gif Snoop - Tracer Pack: Snoop Dogg Operator Bundle
Trifecta Legendary Trifecta HighlightIntro CODV.gif Battle Pass Season Two Tier 94
Torqued Off Legendary TorquedOff HighlightIntro Thomas CODV.gif Thomas - Thomas Bolt Operator Bundle
Unstoppable Force Legendary UnstoppableForce HighlightIntro Roland CODV.gif Roland - Tracer Pack: Attack on Titan - Armored Titan Mastercraft Bundle
Vertical Maneuver Legendary VerticalManeuver HighlightIntro CODV.gif Tracer Pack: Attack on Titan — Levi Edition Bundle
Watch Your Back Legendary WatchYourBack HighlightIntro CODV.gif Tracer Pack: Kong Limited Time Bundle