"Highway of Death" is the eighth campaign level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.



As the cells of Al-Qatala are securing the city, the team divides into two with Price and others neutralizing the cells while Alex, Farah, and Hadir ambush the Wolf. Alex was given a sniper rifle which Alex used to practice and eliminated the Wolf's men. But, trouble brews after they repel Al-Qatala as the Russians went on to attack them, Alex disabled the transports and they repel the Russians. But, Hadir had a plan, revealing that the gases were stolen by him all along. He used it on Barkov's men, incapacitating both groups. Flashback from 20 years ago was seen on screen.

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  • The "Tariq Almwat" (Arab: طريق الموت) or "Highway of Death" featured in the mission is a reference to the Highway of Death, a highway between Kuwait and Iraq where the Iraqi Ground Forces were attacked while retreating by Coalition forces during the Gulf War.
  • Hadir's remark in Arabic, "his fruit killing skills are remarkable" is a reference to Gaz's own comment in the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare mission F.N.G..
  • The mission being centered around sniping is a possible reference to Alex's voice actor, Chad Michael Collins, and his constant lead role in the Sniper movie series.
  • If the player manages to shoot one of the stray dogs near the oil pump, Farah will scold Alex and call him a barbarian.
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