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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)
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"Highway of Death" is the eighth campaign level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.



With "The Wolf" having escaped capture at the embassy, Farah immediately mobilizes her people and they bring everything they've got. The group consisting of Captain John Price, Sergeant Kyle "Gaz" Garrick, Alex, Hadir and Farah Karim now split into two teams in order to search for "The Wolf". Price and Garrick along with team Bravo and a section of the ULF would clear house to house in search of the Al-Qatala leader under the assumption that terrorist cells in the city would hide them. Alex, Farah, Hadir and another section of the ULF would prepare for an ambush at the Highway of Death, in case "The Wolf" tried to flee to the mountains.

Hadir standing proudly next to his rifle

With their window short, they wrap things up in order to prevent encountering against Barkov's Forces. Hadir, who was already present at the location greets Alex and gives him a sniper rifle chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum, capable of piercing through armor at 600 meters. He gives it to "Alex", who inspects the gun. He then assumes his sniper position, with Farah being his spotter. She orients him with the sniper scope and the lay of the land. With the sniper scope, he spots a support group who would help in ambushing an Al-Qatala convoy. "Alex" is told about the distance compensation depending upon the notches on the sniper scope and is also instructed to adjust his shots according to the wind.

Two Al-Qatala scouts appear at the Highway. After taking them out, the support group repositions the truck the scouts drove in order to block the road for more incoming Al-Qatala as a means to ambush them. They rig the truck with explosives. It was a matter of time until an Al-Qatala convoy consisting of three vehicles appear. The convoy nears the jeep and terrorist begin to examine it. It is when Alex detonates the truck as per Farah's command, starting the fight. Alex provides sniper support while the support group fights at the ground, but the Al-Qatala were quicker. Their reinforcements immediately enter the fight with trucks. Farah commands Hadir to pull back the support group, while the trucks near "Alex's" position. The team then defended their position against scores of Al-Qatala successfully.

Al-Qatala mortar nests were however already present and had started firing at the team. It was after taking them out that an Al-Qatala suicide truck suddenly appeared. "Alex" managed to stop it with his sniper rifle. Hadir then warns Farah that "The Wolf" might be coming. Farah orders Hadir to start planting IEDs, while Alex resupplies at a bunker nearby. After coming out of the bunker, he sees that the IEDs are already placed around by Hadir. Farah then notifies "Alex" that Captain Price had an urgent message for him. He goes to the radio and learns from Price that "The Wolf" had already fled the city and was headed his way, with Barkov's Forces behind him. While he was listening, an Al-Qatala sniper was positioned at the Highway and had started firing.

After taking down the sniper despite the change in the wind, "Alex" could see that Al-Qatala had already regrouped, with more mortar teams present at the Highway. Shortly, Russian MiGs appeared and bombed the mortar nests. Russian APCs entered the battlefield, using white smoke to conceal their presence. With the sniper rifle, "Alex" shot the tires of these APCs in order to slow down the advance of the Russians. The APCs continued to use white smoke to conceal their movements. The soldiers began advancing by foot.

"Alex" made use of Molotovs, IEDs placed by Hadir and his weapons in order to stop them. But they were outnumbered and outgunned. Farah wanted to wait until Captain Price brought support but Hadir suggested otherwise. He convinced Farah that there was a truck with more firepower. After helping Hadir with the truck, "Alex" opened the tailgate of the truck, only to discover the Russian gas to his shock. Hadir started its engine, pushed the truck downhill and tossed a Frag Grenade, causing it to explode and release the gas. Hadir then tells an already disoriented "Alex" that the masks were at the bunker. "Alex" tried running with all his might, only to witness a horrifying scene of both Russian soldiers and the ULF soldiers suffocate in pain and die.

While "Alex" suffocated, he could hear an argument between Farah and Hadir, with Farah condemning Hadir's actions. "Alex" began to blackout when Hadir appeared just in time to give him a gas mask. He then dragged "Alex" to the bunker where Farah was present as well. She tried confronting Hadir, but fainted just before she could. Before she passed out, Hadir tried convincing that what he did was right but in vain. He then goes to a collapsed "Alex" and tells him the truth: that he stole the Russian gas. In his last moments before passing out, "Alex" saw Hadir get up and leave.


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  • The "Tariq Almwat" (Arab: طريق الموت) or "Highway of Death" featured in the mission is a reference to the Highway of Death, a highway between Kuwait and Iraq where the Iraqi Ground Forces were attacked while retreating by Coalition forces during the Gulf War.
  • Hadir's remark in Arabic, "his fruit killing skills are remarkable" is a reference to Gaz's own comment in the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare mission F.N.G..
  • The mission being centered around sniping is a possible reference to Alex's voice actor, Chad Michael Collins, and his constant lead role in the Sniper movie series.
  • If the player manages to shoot one of the stray dogs near the oil pump, Farah will scold Alex and call him a barbarian.
  • The multiplayer map Azhir Cave is located somewhere above the remains of Farah's hometown.
    • The campaign level can be viewed from Azhir Cave in multiplayer.
  • There are some unique variants of the Russian soldiers seen in this mission. An example is a soldier that wears a rare Spetsnaz helmet. These soldier variants are never seen in multiplayer.
    • Bale's Salvo skin featured in the Explosive Ordnance bundle resembles one of these soldier variants.
  • Hadir's Sniper Rifle returns in multiplayer as blueprints "Hadir's Right Hand" and "Early Riser".
  • Throwing a Molotov at Farah during the start of the level will cause the dialogue to mix up.
  • Despite never making an in-game appearance in the campaign, Iskra's in-game bio in Multiplayer mentions that she participated in the assault at the Highway Of Death.
  • The HUD icon for Hadir's Sniper Rifle displays the weapon with its default stock, but the in-game model has a custom version of the FTAC Champion.