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For the Specialist Weapon, see H.I.V.E..

A Hive is an object in Extinction Mode for Call of Duty: Ghosts. There are a total of fourteen Hives to complete in Point of Contact, thirteen hives in Nightfall, and ten hives in Mayday. They are destroyed by placing the Laser Drill and waiting. If the drill is destroyed, the game will end. There are also Barrier Hives which cannot be destroyed by using the drill, instead they must be destroyed by shooting or using explosives on it (including Propane Tanks). However, an Attack Helicopter will enter the map to help damage the Barrier Hive when it needs to be destroyed to continue. Once a hive, Barrier or not, is destroyed, one skill point is awarded to all players. The exception is hardcore mode, in which there are no skill points for destroying hives.

On nightfall with the breeder final boss battle, there are special hives with green-like stalks coming out of them (similar to a mutated plant but smaller) and if the breeders health is drained below 50%, it will heal itself but unlike other hives, these can be destroyed.

Hive Time: Point of ContactEdit

  • First hive - Thirty seconds
  • Second hive - Two minutes
  • Third hive - Two minutes
  • Fourth hive - Two minutes
  • Fifth hive - Barrier hive
  • Sixth hive - Three minutes
  • Seventh hive - Three minutes
  • Eighth hive - Three minutes
  • Ninth hive - Barrier hive
  • Tenth hive - Two minutes
  • Eleventh hive - Two minutes
  • Twelfth hive - Three minutes
  • Thirteenth hive - Two minutes
  • Fourteenth hive - Five minutes


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