October 29, 1942, 2300 hrs

El Alamein, Egypt

Partly cloudy, 54° F

We're heading back to defend a small town that sits upon a chokepoint in the enemy's minefields. These minefields stretch for miles across the desert, preventing us from launching a full scale assault against the Afrika KorpsCaptain Price says we've got the Jerries outnumbered, but without enough safe passages through the minefields for our Tanks to get through, that numerical advantage is useless.

Sergeant John Davis

7th Armoured Division


["Hold the Line"]

[Northern Egypt]

[October 29th, 1942]

[30 miles south of El Alamein]

The player spawns in the Bren Gun Carrier with Price and MacGregor.

British Soldier: The Krauts are already here! It's going to be close! Hang on!

The car drives towards the base.

Price: Private Allen! Private Carver! Get those Kraut machine guns firing! Move!

Price: Take up positions along the perimeter! Let's go!

British Soldier: Yes sir!

Price: We've got more German units to the south!

MacGregor (talking into radio): Come in, Queen Six! King Five requesting artillery support! We cannot hold out much longer! Out!

The player begins shooting Germans.

Price: Enemy forces to the south!

Price: Jerries approaching from the west!

MacGregor (talking into radio): King Five to Queen Six, are you there Queen Six, over!

British Soldier: They're trying to break through the west flank! Get over there and stop them!

The British defend the west side.

MacGregor (talking into radio): Queen Six, this is King Five. Can you read me? Over!

Price: Southwest! Enemy reinforcements!

The British defend the southwest side.

MacGregor (talking into radio): King Five to Queen Six, are you there Queen Six, over!

British Soldier: Bloody hell, more Jerries to the north!

The British defend the north side.

MacGregor (talking into radio): King Five to Queen Six, come in Queen Six, over!

Price: MacGregor! Check the status of our gun battery!

'MacGregor (talking to 'Price): Already on it sir!

MacGregor (talking into radio): Queen Six, this is King Five, over! We need artillery support Queen Six! We're facing Kraut armor and the Jerries are about to overrun our position, over!

British Soldier (heard from radio): You're in luck, King five! Baker Six is ready to fire and awaiting coordinates, over!

MacGregor (talking to the player): Bout bloody time! Davis! Over here!

Price: Davis, get to the roof of one of these buildings and spot targets for the big guns!

The player enters a building and climbs a ladder to get to the top. Price and MacGregor are already there.

Price: Sergeant Davis! Use your Binoculars to direct the artillery fire!

The player uses artillery to destroy tanks and repel the enemy attacks. Friendly armor relieves the player.

MacGregor: Tell Rommel you've been beaten by the boys of the 7th Armoured!

MacGregor: Looks like that's the last of the huns, eh Davis?

The level ends.