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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.
For the attachment in Call of Duty Online, see Hollow Points.

Hollow Points is a deathstreak featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.


The Hollow Points deathstreak is obtained after being killed five times in a row without any kills. It gives the player 40% extra bullet damage, which is the same as the Stopping Power perk seen in previous games. It ends after one kill, and is unlocked at Level 71 and is the final deathstreak to be unlocked, making it one of the least used deathstreaks. Hollow points also cannot be stacked, meaning that after five deaths, another death without a kill will not add Hollow Points for another kill.

Hollow Points is one of the most effective deathstreaks and will almost always guarantee a kill eventually. Once earned, like all other deathstreaks, it will appear on top of all the player's perks and weapon proficiencies. Enemies hit by a player using Hollow Points will barely have time to react. Hollow Points is most useful with sniper rifles, light machine guns or assault rifles, because they have higher damage, and the extra damage bonus will be more useful. Shotguns will, most of the time, get a kill with one pull of the trigger, no matter what shotgun the player is using. Hollow Points also works like the Damage Proficiency for shotguns when not in use. Hollow Points does not affect rocket or grenade launchers as they do not count as bullet damage.

Hollow Points is not generally very effective in Hardcore game modes, as weapons usually do not take more than two hits to kill, but it could help for weapons with the lowest damage statistics or have too much hip fire spread when some shots can miss and not do its needed damage, such as pump-action shotguns (the Shotgun attachment for assault rifles will especially need this in a struggling match).


  • If using Hollow Points in Hardcore game modes, it is possible to get a one-shot-kill from any range with any gun, excluding shotguns and silenced pistols.