For a weapon, see Honey Badger (weapon).
"Honey Badger's a mean bitch, sir."
Sgt. Foley

Honey Badger is the callsign of a Stryker ICV (Infantry Combat Vehicle) that appears in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 level "Exodus", and the Special Ops mission Wardriving. It escorts the player to the anti-aircraft turrets and the house that the HVI has taken shelter in. Along the way, the player is given the task of 'painting' targets with a laser designator, which is an attachment on the player's weapon, for Honey Badger's M2 machine gun; it is a very effective support unit due to its active protection system that "hardkills" (fires a counter-projectile that disrupts explosive projectiles before contact) RPGs, but this can become overloaded and will need some assistance from the player to reduce the amount of fire at the vehicle. The player can be run over by Honey Badger, so it is advised to stay out of Honey Badger's way.


  • Honey Badger can also kill the player with its M2 machine gun, but only if the player stands in the line of fire.
  • When Ramirez is about to get run over, either Sgt. Foley or Cpl. Dunn will tell the player to get out of the way.
  • It is possible to shoot Honey Badger with a stolen RPG-7, but the anti-missile system will intercept it.
  • Shooting Honey Badger with an RPG-7 enough times will result in a friendly fire message.
  • It is possible to "ride" Honey Badger. If the player stands at the wheels, the character will skim across the surface without having to move. Another possible way to ride Honey Badger is to jump from a vehicle and jump at the right time to the top of the vehicle.
  • It is also possible for Honey Badger to shoot down enemy helicopters. This can happen if the player "paints" one of them.
  • Honey Badger disappears after clearing out the final house; the only explanation for this is that it backed up and left the area, as it had no further role to play.
  • The Stryker ICV Samaritan from Black Tuesday in MW3 is identical to Honey Badger in both markings and armament.
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