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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: United Offensive.

Private Hoover was a member of the Special Air Service during World War II. After James Doyle was saved by Major Gerald Ingram and members of the Dutch Resistance, he was assigned to the Sicily Raiders with them to sabotage a gun battery on Sicily. These three German guns would jeopardize the upcoming invasion of Sicily, Operation Husky. He was to assist them along with the rest of the team in destroying them. He and the rest of the team suppressed a tunnel filled with enemy troops while Doyle planted the TNT on the lighthouse to divert the Germans out of the fort. He and the rest of the 6 man team would have to clear the motor pool and the underground bunker helping Doyle set the charges on the guns and the magazine. Afterwards, he and another SAS member follows Doyle back to the motor pool. He gets into a Kubelwagen along with four other members and heads out of the motor pool with Gerald Ingram and Doyle in the motorbike behind them. Unfortunately, his Kubelwagen takes a direct hit and it barrels down a cliff. He is not mentioned in the game again.

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