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"Hello Requiem. So glad you could make it. Enjoying my handiwork? Do not worry, they did not go quietly. Dr. Zarkova? She put up quite the struggle. It was almost honorable. But there is no honor in betraying Omega. It is a despicable act of cowardice. When Kravchenko learned of their plot to defect, I could not volunteer fast enough. Once I infiltrated their group, the Colonel gave me two tasks. One: kill the traitors. Easy enough. Nothing a hacksaw and a gas can could not solve. But the second? To lure Requiem's so-called "elite" strike team into a trap. That added a complication, but fortunately, crashing helicopters is easy once you've poisoned the pilot. As for the Aetherium Neutralizer -- rest assured, it will be well taken care of in Omega's hands. Soon we will change the world, Requiem. Auf Wiedersehen."
— Hugo Jager

Doctor Hugo Jager is a character featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies. He is the Research Lead of Omega Group's secret Necro-Analytics department.


Very little is known of Jager's early life; what is known is that he was born in 1949 and that he is the great nephew of SS-Oberführer Wolfram Von List. At some point in time, Jager became a member of Omega Group, and would rise to become the Research Lead of its highly-secretive Necro-Analytics department following its creation on December 2nd, 1983.


Following the fallout of Operatsiya Inversiya on November 16th, 1984, several Omega scientists planned on defecting to Requiem through the assistance of the disavowed Sergei Ravenov; to eliminate the traitors and prepare a trap for Requiem's elite strike team, Jager was tasked by Colonel Lev Kravchenko to go undercover amidst the defectors. As part of his cover, Jager promised Requiem extensive information regarding the Necro-Analytics department, and provided safe passage to the Ural Mountains Outbreak Zone for the defectors.

On December 14th, Jager executed his plan, firstly poisoning the pilot of the defectors' helicopter and causing it to crash. After killing the surviving defectors, Jager left behind audio logs for Requiem to find, leading them to the Aetherium Neutralizer to use to cross the dimensional phase. Once the team crossed the phase and reached the Sanatorium monument where Jager claimed he was at with the other defectors, they instead discover the mutilated corpses of the defectors and Jager's final audio log, which detailed his true allegiance with Omega and the whole plot of leading them into a trap. With the trap sprung, Requiem desperately attempted to exfil, but Omega forces intercepted them, shooting down their transport and causing them to crash, leaving them to be captured personally by Kravchenko and his men.


On February 2nd, 1985, Jager would be present on the comms during the Requiem strike team's forced mission with Omega Group in Berlin while they battled against Aleksandra Valentina's undead army as she attempted to fulfill her father's plan, which had been exploited by The Forsaken to usher his release from the Dark Aether. In a radio transmission, Jager revealed to the Requiem team that they were lucky when it came to their captivity, as Kravchenko ordered them to remain in top shape for their mission. He would also mention Kravchenko's profound obsession with the Forsaken, comparing the Forsaken as a single whale in a vast ocean of darkness while pondering what else laid beyond it.

Operatsiya Izbavitel

With the Forsaken threat ever so clear following the Berlin mission and the death of Valentina, Jager met with the other Omega Group senior staff to discuss the topic. To both his and Gorev's surprise, they learned that Kravchenko and William Peck were already closely working on a new method to counter the Forsaken, having left the other two senior staff in the dark. After the meeting, Jager later visited Gorev to express concerns about the situation, where they both came to an accord that they would all be held responsible if Operatsiya Izbavitel failed, unless they ensured their own methods of escape.

As the day of Operatsiya Izbavitel's culmination drew near, Jager was pulled aside by Kravchenko to discuss his great uncle Wolfram Von List's occult connection to the Dark Aether and his interactions with entities such as Kortifex, though Jager told his superior that there were some stories that were best never told, advising him not to open this particular can of worms.

On the morning of the operation on June 4th, Jager and Gorev were tasked with collecting the containment chamber for the Forsaken once he was captured via helicopter. As planned with Gorev, Jager had prepared a "Plan B" if things went awry, as someone he was in contact with promised he and Gorev would be granted "safe passage" out of Omega Group, and possibly new employment. When the Forsaken was unintentionally released by Peck and Kravchenko, Jager and Gorev ultimately decided to go with Jager's Plan B, fleeing the scene and leaving Peck and Kravchenko to take full responsibility for the failure.