The "Hunt for Alejandro Rojas" also known as "Takedown in Rio de Janiero" or "Capture of Alejandro Rojas" is a prominent battle within World War III. After the massacre in Moscow, Russia, General Shepherd ordered Captain MacTavish to go to Brazil and question Alejandro Rojas about the massacre and Makarov.

Capturing Alejandro's assistantEdit

While concealing themselves in civilian cars, Soap and his team located a van that was constantly stopping and followed it. They followed for a while, stopping several times across town, until they met up with Rojas's assistant. He kills the militia men and the driver of Roach's vehicle. They give him a brief chase until Roach shoots him in the leg. Afterwards Soap and Ghost both interrogate him while Roach, Royce, and Meat try to find Rojas. The trio enter the Favela and scare off civilians as they engage the militia. They fight through the militia, continually pushing through while the militia try to push them back. They survive for a while until Meat is killed by the militia and eventually followed up by Royce. On his own, Roach fights through the favela and finally hears that John has located Rojas.

Chasing AlejandroEdit

Roach and the rest of Task Force 141 fight through the village chasing down Rojas as the militia try to stop them. Soap and Ghost chase Rojas on the other side of Roach and, like him, are constantly interrupted by militia. They eventually capture him and learn of a man locked up a gulag and leave him behind for the streets.


The rest of Task Force 141 is no longer in contact with Command and is forced to rely on Nikolai to get them out. They fight through the village, fighting angry militia wanting vengeance for Rojas. They manage to fight through them as they lose some of their own. They manage to get to the rooftops, but Roach fails to jump far enough and gets cut off from the rest of the team and is forced to quickly flee through the village and get to the Pave Low. After learning of the gulag and its prisoner, they set out to plan a prison break.

Weapons UsedEdit

Task Force 141Edit

Brazilian MilitiaEdit


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