The "Hunt for the Butcher" is a prominent battle within the War Against Al-Qatala . After the death of Omar Sulaman, Captain John Price and Sergeant Kyle Garrick are sent to Russia by Kate Laswell to capture and interrogate Jamal "The Butcher" Rahar about the location of Hadir and the stolen Russian gas.


With The Wolf dead and Hadir still at large with the Russian gas, Captain Price and Kate Laswell discuss their next move. Price forms an unsanctioned SAS team with Sergeant Garrick, and decides to hunt down Jamal "The Butcher" Rahar in St. Petersburg, Russia, hoping to learn the location of Hadir and the gas.

Meeting with NikolaiEdit

Price and Garrick travel to St. Petersburg and meet up with FSB Agent Nikolai in an apartment. As Jamal arrives outside in a van accompanied by Al-Qatala soldiers, Price and Garrick arm themselves with suppressed pistols provided by Nikolai. The two eiminate Jamal's guards, and follow him into a building. Garrick opens fire on the Jamal's associates, causing him to flee through the building.

Pursuit of the ButcherEdit


Price, Garrick, and Yegor Novak subdue Jamal and interrogate him in a private warehouse. Yegor attempts to interrogate Jamal, only leading to him taunting the three. Unsucessful, Kyle Garrick meets up with Nikolai to obtain "truth serum" from his van, which is revealed to be Jamal's kidnapped wife and son, Ousa and Amon Rahar. Kyle escorts the terrified wife and son to the interrogation room, where Price asks Garrick if he is willing to participate in the interrogation. Kyle agrees, and brings Ousa and Amon into the room.

After discovering his wife and son were captured, Jamal enters an extreme state of distress and rage, spitting curses and threats at Kyle and Price. Price hands Kyle a 3.57 magnum, causing Jamal to panic and beg for Kyle to not shoot. In fear for his family's lives, Jamal pleads that his wife and son has no involvement in any Al-Qatala operations. Garrick pulls the trigger, revealing the gun to be unloaded. 

Price gives Jamal a final chance to reveal the location of the gas, laying out six magnum rounds for Garrick. Garrick loads his gun, and Price drags Amon out of his chair. Jamal. panic-stricken, finally reveals the gas being located at Karetka Theater. Price denies this, but Jamal insists this as the truth. Garrick questions where Hadir is, and Jamal reveals Hadir is hunting down General Roman Barkov. The two exit the interrogation room, leaving the family behind. Nikolai offers a cruiser to Garrick and Price, and summons the police to the before evacuating. 


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