"Hunter Two-One", also known as "Hunter 2-1", or simply "2-1", is a unit of U.S. Army Rangers featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, lead by Sgt. Foley and notably includes Cpl. Dunn, Pvt. Ramirez, and PFC. Allen.

The unit first appears in Afghanistan where it helps train Afghan recruits and participates in an operation to help BCT-One. The unit is then transferred back to the U.S. where they play a major role in the defense of America from the Russian Invasion. They arguably play the largest role in the defense of Washington D.C., clearing buildings such as the Department of Commerce and stopping the Hammerdown Protocol from destroying the city. The unit is last seen questioning when they will be able to take their revenge on the Russians for devastating their country.


Prominent MembersEdit

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Notable OperationsEdit

  • Helped to rescue a stranded unit, BCT-One, in "Team Player".
  • Secured and defended HVI "Raptor" in "Wolverines!".
  • Eliminated enemy resistance, destroyed anti aircraft batteries, and found corpse of an unknown HVI in "Exodus".
  • Secured the Department of Commerce building, aided the evacuation site at the Washington Monument, destroyed enemy SAM sites at the Department of Justice building, and defended their position after being shot down in "Of Their Own Accord".
  • Survived the Russian assault and regrouped with allied forces to retake the White House in "Second Sun".
  • Helped reclaim the White House and prevented the "Hammerdown Protocol" by deploying green flares on the roof of the White House in "Whiskey Hotel".



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