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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)
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"Hunting Party" is the sixth campaign level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare



Using the laptop from the townhouse in Camden Town, Kate Laswell reveals that they have tracked the Wolf's location from the last message's IP address to the Rammaza Hospital in Urzikstan which is being used as a hideout for Al-Qatala. Laswell forms a plan for Farah and the rebels to keep tabs on the activity while the Marines advance on the hospital. 

The day before the advance on the hospital, Alex and Farah wait out in the rebels' hideout sharing a smoke and checking on Al-Qatala activity. After getting word from Farah's fellow fighter on the hospital being under siege from Al-Qatala insurgents before getting quiet, she relays the news to Alex. Despite Farah's offer to help out alongside the rebels, Alex tells her that the Marines will lead the assault. Farah then tells Alex of the Russians' lack of regard for humanity and the chemical gas' effects on both life and crops which makes anyone that uses these tactics the rebels' enemy, regardless of exceptions all due to Al-Qatala's actions that taint Urzikstan's name. As the sun begins to dawn, Alex chooses to stay back to keep watch with the rebels.


As Alex, Farah and Hadir wait for the Marines, the hospital is under siege by the Marines. Shortly, Sgt. Griggs arrives and introduces himself alongside his elite unit Demon Dogs. Alex then goes with Griggs and his team while Farah and Hadir leave. Alex and the Marines advance down the street and take a shortcut when the main road is blocked. After Alex disarms a trap in their path, he and the Marines move forward and are accompanied by more Marine forces. One of the vehicles drive over an IED and bring down Marines near the vehicle. An MG fires upon them from the blue building at a distance. Using a smoke grenade, Alex and the Marines evade the MG gunner and flank from the other side where they push against Al-Qatala forces in their way. Alex and the Marines manage to breach the building and clear it of Al-Qatala insurgents.

With additional support, Alex and the Marines are able to push their way to the hospital entrance, taking out the defending Al-Qatala insurgents. Entering the hospital, they dispatch more insurgents inside the first floor while going through booby traps set throughout the hospital. Heading up the next floor, the Marines come across a room full of wounded patients on beds. Alex takes out one of the insurgents hiding as a patient. Advancing forward, the Marines are then pinned by an MG gunner at the very end of the corridor. Eventually, Alex manages to push through multiple insurgents guarding the area and take out the MG gunner. He and the Marines then find the Wolf inside the room at the far end. Using a snake camera, Alex finds the Wolf and the remaining insurgents with three captured Marines in their hands and are planning on executing them on camera. Alex heads outside to flank the room from the back. Sneaking up on the Wolf, Alex manages to pin the leader down while the Marines breach the room and dispatch the remaining insurgents. With the Wolf cuffed and secured, Alex and the Marines bring him to the US Embassy.

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  • According to the Activision Blog and the campaign, 'Hunting Party' takes place in Rammaza. The mission however starts at the Bridge zone of Rammaza and later takes place in some parts of Euphrates Bridge.
    • The map used in Hunting Party is a very unique "mix" of Euphrates Bridge (where the bridge isn't seen), parts of Rammaza and Bazaar.
  • In the start, the player can find two boards which read "Hotel Airon" and another board in Arabic. These boards, as well as the building are found once again in the out-of-bounds region of the map Bazaar, invisible to players.
  • The Wolf has two animations for executing the captured Marines with his machete. When viewed from the Snakecam, he will slit the Marine's throat open. When the player has positioned themselves behind The Wolf, ready to capture him, the Wolf instead will behead the Marine.