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For the Group 935 member, see Harvey Yena.
For the similar attack animal, see Dogs.


A Hyena is a new type of attack animal featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Hyenas appear in Special Ops and the Campaign as attack animals, similar to Dogs. They are used by the Africa Militia.


Hyenas are featured in the mission "Back on the Grid", when Yuri, Price and Soap inflitrate an Africa Militia camp. Before Yuri, Price and Soap attack the first camp site, containing two men, there is a spot where a hyena is behind a fence, eating a pig. If the player walks up to it, it will run away, although the player can shoot the Hyena. Hyenas are also seen at the end of the level, where they charge out of the church doors, and on the final breach to the door, when a Hyena attacks Yuri. The Hyena bites Yuris forearm, but Yuri pulls out a Five Seven and kills two enemys before shooting the Hyena in the head.

Special Ops

Hyenas make a single appearance in Special Ops on the mission "Fatal Extraction". Throughout the mission, Hyenas will assist the Africa Militia as the player(s) make their way through, collecting the intels. Hyenas will attack the player, similar to the attack dogs. Hyenas are silent, only growling once at the enemy before sneaking up on them. They also instantly try to rip out the players throat instead of having to attack twice.

Levels featuring Hyenas


Special Ops


  • In multiplayer, there is an emblem featuring a hyena.
  • It seems like the hyena is more aggressive than the normal attack dogs. This is proven in Soap's Journal, where he remarks, " [Hyenas] could kill those Russian pups with a single bite."
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