The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts
"TRENSYS Hyper-Velocity Rounds provide devastating damage at close range."
— Part of the Maverick's description.

Hyper-Velocity Rounds are a weapon attachment that appears in the Onslaught downloadable content pack for Call of Duty: Ghosts. It is only available for the Maverick assault rifle, to which it is an integral attachment. It allows the Maverick to achieve two shot kills to the body at close range, making it the only fully automatic weapon capable of killing in two hits in Ghosts without headshots or the use of Deadeye, aside from the Ameli.

However, Hyper-Velocity Rounds often have a very negligible effect, as the extent of the two-shot kill range extends to a very short seven meters. This range can also be increased with the Muzzle Brake or decreased with the Silencer. Another factor that goes against the Hyper-Velocity Rounds is that the Maverick has 0.95x multipliers to the limbs. Shooting the enemy with at least one bullet in a limb will drop the damage of the bullet to 47, and after the second bullet the maximum amount of damage dealt will be 97, which is not sufficient for a two shot kill. However, this multiplier is brought up to 1x if using the Semi-Automatic or Burst firing pattern, as well as increasing the head/neck multiplier to 1.4x and upper/lower torso to 1.1x, thus negating a three shot kill potential within this range.

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