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"Team Deathmatch with reduced cool-down on payloads"
— In-game description

Hyper Team Deathmatch is a multiplayer game mode that appeared in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare from January 27th, 2017 to February 3rd, 2017[1]. The aim of the game mode is to kill everyone on the opposing team, and the winner is the team that reaches a point limit, or if time runs out, has the most points. It is very similar to the regular Team Deathmatch, but Payloads charge seven times faster. Since then it appears every now and then alternating between other variant gamemodes.

One strategy while playing this mode is to use the Overclock perk combined with a weapon variant that gives a bonus to the Payload meter, such as Head Rush or Hitman. The FTL's Supercharged trait can also help the player and their teammates speed up the Payload meter with kills during the match.


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