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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts The subject of this article appears in Extinction mode
For a similar weapon, see Throwing Knife.
For a similar Schematic, see Hypno Trap.

The Hypno Knife is a throwable Knife that appears in the Extinction mode of Call of Duty: Ghosts, found in a search pile on the maps Point of Contact, Nightfall, Awakening and Exodus.

The Hypno Knife can turn an enemy Cryptid (with the exception of Lepers, Seekers, the Breeder, the Kraken, the Mammoth, Gargoyles, Bombers and Ancestors) into an ally. Rhinos can be turned friendly, but only through an upgrade in the armory that costs 50 teeth. These converted Cryptids are still attracted to Flares, so it is not advised to deploy one until the Cryptid is dead.

There can be multiple converted Cryptids fighting for the player at once, but this is dependent on the amount of knives that have been found.

When a Cryptid is taken over, money is rewarded based on the type of Cryptid it is. They are highlighted and will have a shield icon above them. They will also have a grey smoke effect, much like some of the campaign's cutscenes which include the Ghosts inside of vehicles.

The hypnotized Cryptid can be killed by other Cryptids. The hypnotized Cryptid is also on a set timer, and after a long enough period of time, the hypnotized Cryptid will simply leave the map.

Hypno Knives can have their effects upgraded through Master Scavenger, which makes the hypnotized Cryptid stick around for much longer.

The Hypno Knife can be picked up if the user throws and misses it, but the window of time in which this action can be done is very tight.


  • If a player with the Arcing Stun armory upgrade is shooting at a Cryptid near the hypnotized Cryptid using a weapon with a stun ammunition effect, it can appear as if the hypnotized Cryptid is being hit by the Arcing Stun. However, the hypnotized Cryptid takes no damage from this.