The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts The subject of this article appears in Extinction mode
For a similar weapon, see Hypno Knife.

The Hypno Trap is a buildable schematic in the Extinction maps Mayday, Awakening, and Exodus. Its Schematics are found on the second bench after defeating one of the Kraken's tentacles for the first time in Mayday, randomly in hidden rooms in Awakening, and in the building near the right gate in Exodus. The Hypno Trap is able to convert Cryptids that touch it, much like the Hypno Knife, but is placeable and able to turn Rhinos to become friendly without the Teeth upgrade. However, it cannot turn Gargoyles or the Mammoth into friendlies.


  • Cell Battery
  • Biolum
  • Pressure Plate


  • Big Game Trapper (20Gamerscore.png) - Use a hypno trap to turn a Rhino friendly in Mayday in Regular or Hardcore difficulty.
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