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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

"Investigate the Coalescence Corporation facility - Ground Zero of the Singapore disaster - in search of an explanation for your former allies' betrayal."
— Mission Briefing
"Think back to how all this began. Take me to 2070: you're at Coalescence in Singapore's Undead Quarantine Zone investigating lost communication with Commander John Taylor and his team. Tell me what happened there. Be advised: hostile encounters with the undead are expected."
— Nightmares Mission Briefing

Hypocenter is the fifth (first in Nightmares) level in Call of Duty: Black Ops III.


Level Briefing[]

Encryption# 6E-67-20-74. Protocol: Alpha

The epicenter is well understood, although the Hypocenter is unclear

Classified, Classified, Singapore, Coalescence Corporation, Classified

Active Mission - Day 2

Pre-Mission Scrolling Text[]

Scrolling Text
AAR INCOMING. WA MSS AIRBORNE-SGP. REPORT DESIGNATION: CO Juliet-Tango. Standing OIC: Juliet-Hotel. LNO: Romeo-Kilo. AFTER ACTION MISSION REPORT: Classified WASF. SOCWA-E Eyes Only. Encryption # 6-ECHO-6-7-2-0-7-4. OPERATIONAL PROTOCOL: Field Assessment. Target KIA: COP Defector Juliet-Romeo. Mission Status: OPEN. Day: 2. This document has been designated "Eyes-Only", with approval for the following members of SOCWA-E listed on the attachment. It will remain classified ongoing at this time and certain sections may be further redacted prior to submission. The following report outlines to the existence of a clandestine operation run by the CIA - Records of which have been expunged from Langley Archives. This information has only received LNO Kane’s sign off because it may provide insight into the mentality and motivations behind the defectors’ actions. (The incident at the WA safe house - SGP will be addressed in the following report.) Stone’s team’s last known Op was to investigate a silent alarm triggered from an off-grid position somewhere deep beneath the Coalescence Corporation Singapore facility. Following in their footsteps - our own investigation has indeed provided some insight into their actions in the aftermath of their final mission. Beneath the Coalescence Corporation facility, our team discovered an abandoned CIA BLACK PROJECT - designation SP/CORVUS - involving experimental DNI trials on human test subjects. After positively identifying one of the deceased, it was the team's conclusion that the subjects were most likely appropriated into the program from the local criminal underclass. More damaging than the ethical issues of unsanctioned human trials, our investigation uncovered details linking this project to the Coalescence Corporation Disaster of 2060. Details of the devastating tragedy that occurred in early June of 2060 are well known, but responsibility for the 300,000 civilian deaths has always been attributed to negligence on the part of Coalescence Corporation. The information we uncovered suggests that this CIA Black Project was the direct hypocenter of the disaster. As previously reported, an unanticipated Target Termination occurred on site - within the SP/CORVUS server room. It was at this location that we encountered Javier Ramirez in the process of uploading additional INTEL to our enemies - most notably the locations of all WA Safehouses worldwide, including Safehouse-SGP - where our LNO was currently located. Once the target was incapacitated, Hendricks conducted a hostile interrogation which yielded several key pieces of information - Stone had bartered the data drives for safe passage out of Singapore, and was now en route to Cairo in pursuit of two HVIs - survivors of the Coalescence Corporation Disaster: Dr. Salim, a scientist who is believed to have relocated to Cairo, and Sebastian Krueger, location unknown. After extracting this information, Hendricks eliminated the target - an act which was clearly of some emotional consequence to him - given their long standing friendship. Soon after this action, the 54 Immortals launched a large scale attack on the site which resulted in the destruction of the facility. In close tactical coordination with our LNO, our team extracted relatively unscathed - only to discover that the Immortals were now launching an assault on her position.


The Player and Hendricks reach the Singapore Quarantine Zone's abandoned Coalescence Corporation facility, the place where 300,000 people died due to an explosion created by Corvus. The team takes out the 54i enemies by the entrance, and then deal with an ASP-C. They enter the facility, and try to investigate deeper within the facility. Hendricks deploys a recon drone to aid in their search, and go down the cavern. After reaching one of the lower levels, the drone is mysteriously destroyed, but the team still continues their investigation.

The team then encounters GI units that were said to be "corrupted" by Kane, and deal with them sooner on. They find out Diaz, who is in the lower facility levels, has hooked himself up to the central CPU core and is trying to upload the CIA safe house and operation locations worldwide. The Player manages to destroy the core and wound Diaz, but unfortunately failed to secure the CIA data. Diaz dies, and the remaining 54i leader, Goh Xiulan, discovers them from outside and sends 54i forces to deal with them, just before ordering the facility to be flooded. The Player and Hendricks escape and disobey a direct order to get to Kane and rescue her, who is at the Singapore safe house, before 54i forces get to her first.

Dr. Salim makes contact with the Player, revealing that she is dead and now in the Void. The Player explains to Salim how it all started back at the old Coalescence facility in 2070, ten years after the Singapore Disaster, the spread of the virus, 61-15, and how infected everyone with its radius, transforming them into a Zombie. She, Hendricks, and Taylor's Team were called "Deadkillers" due to their cybernetic augmentations preventing the virus from infecting them and were trained to exterminate the undead. After destroying the ASP-C and entering the facility, the Player revealed the Quarantine Zones were made to prevent the undead from spreading and she & Hendricks were sent here to deal with one of their own. After suspecting activity at the lowest level, Hendricks deploys a recon drone to help the two, which was later destroyed.

The GI Units were seen, with them programmed to kill the dead and somehow, humans were also marked for termination. As the two continue descending, they discovered an off the record CIA Black Project named "Project Corvus", which was the cause of the Disaster and Virus 61-15. When the Player finally reach the Server Room, she saw Sebastian Diaz link himself in the core to deactivate the defensives in all the Quarantine Zones, letting the undead spread throughout the world. The Player manages to destroy the core and Hendricks interface with Diaz, revealing that Taylor is trying to leave Singapore. Goh Xiulan discovers the facility, unaware that the Player and Hendricks are down there, and has the facility flooded to prevent another outbreak. The two manage to escape and exit the facility to find Taylor's Team for answers.

Weapon Loadout[]

War pig
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Field Ops Kit
Found in Level


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  • Untouched: Completed the mission without dying
  • Score: Completed the mission with a score of 27,500 or higher.
  • Got 'em: Found all of the collectibles in the mission.
  • Two Birds with One Stone: Kill 2 enemies with one bullet.
  • Scorcher: Burn 4 robots to death in under one second.
  • Devastator: Kill 5 robots using melee attacks.
  • Decapitator: Shoot the heads off of five robots in a row without missing a shot.
  • Patient Hunter: Stealth kill 7 enemies.
  • Caught You Napping: Kill 3 snipers without alerting any enemies.
  • Where'd That Come From?: Kill 4 enemies from at least 65 meters away.
  • Shocking Results: Electrocute 3 robots in one electrical explosion.
  • No Survivors: Leave no 54i survivors.
  • Good Listener: Listen to all of the audio recordings.
  • Mercurial: Complete this mission without taking any damage from depth charges.
  • Mine-Sweeping: Destroy 10 depth charges.
  • Bombardier: While in mid-air, kill two enemies with rockets.





  • A small picture containing a poster for Black Ops II can be seen on the front desk of the facility.
  • If one is quickly enough to get to the recon drone's wreckage before Hendricks does, he/she will find that the drone is destroyed in its "deployed" state. After Hendricks arrives, the drone simply "teleports" to a new location and retracts into a triangular form.
  • The roaches on the signs under the silo cannot be killed or damaged in any way.
  • When battling with Diaz, the GI Units that attempt to enter the control room can be hacked by Player's Homing Surge cyber core, but instead of charging at other GI Units, it will still attempt to enter the control room, it will self-destruct after a while, however.
  • If one activates Tactical Mode, he/she can actually see the tag of the ASP-C before it reactivates.
  • If the Player stalls at the entrance of the Coalescence building long enough after opening the door, Hendricks will automatically say the "long-dead program" line, even if the player hasn't trigger them yet. This may be a developer's oversight.