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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts
For the mission, see I.E.D. (mission).

"Improvised proximity explosive device that sticks to any surface. Arms shortly after deployment."
— Description.

The I.E.D. (short for Improvised Explosive Device) is a lethal equipment that appears Call of Duty: Ghosts. It is an improvised proximity device that sticks to any surfaces. It arms shortly after deployment. This appears to replace both Claymores and Bouncing Betties.

The I.E.D. is armed when an enemy player enters its proximity, making a beeping sound before exploding.


The I.E.D. appears in multiplayer and costs 6 Squad Points. Since it replaces both Bouncing Betties and Claymores, the only other close alternative is C4, but it must be remotely detonated, while the I.E.D.s detonate when an enemy is near it, making it a possibly better choice in most situations. But with C4 the player can easily eliminate targets using the button shortcut. I.E.D.s take some time to explode.  

The I.E.D.s blast radius is possible to survive without Blast Shield by either jumping over the I.E.D. or crouching/going prone if it is placed above the player. Danger Close renders these methods unusable, but Blast Shield still remains effective. This was due to a nerf against it.

The I.E.D. has been nerfed numerous times over the course of Call of Duty Ghosts, mainly focusing on the blast radius and the damage of the explosion due to extensive community backlash. However, the I.E.D. remains a very deadly device that can easily kill an unsuspecting player. The power of the I.E.D. makes it important to detect them, making Sitrep a valuable perk choice to combat them.

The constant usage of them in Multiplayer is highly frowned upon, due to how easily they can kill unsuspecting players, and how difficult it can be at times to dodge or detect a well hidden I.E.D.. The I.E.D. is a common device in Multiplayer and is sure to kill a player numerous times during the time they play if they don't use countermeasures against them.


The I.E.D.s also make an appearance in Safeguard. They are the starting Lethal Equipment in the game mode. The only other equipment available in Safeguard is the Throwing Knives; compared to the Throwing Knife, the I.E.D. is usually a better choice because it can kill enemies that aren't in view, it can be used to defend areas that are not being watched by any of the players and has the potential to kill multiple enemies with one I.E.D. The Throwing Knife, on the other hand, is an instant kill to enemies, and can be retrieved, basically giving you an infinite supply of them (as long as you remember to pick the used ones up).


  • The I.E.Ds have a drawing of a T-Rex on them, and next to it is written "Playful Secrets". 
  • Occasionally, the I.E.D can be thrown into glitched positions (i.e onto a box or wall and will end up glithcing through the floor) and will not be retriveable and will not detonate when walked past, it will then only be removed from the map if shot or the user dies.