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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare The subject of this artcile appears in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies

"Four round burst. Prints rounds to ammo reserve. Best in class damage."
— In-game description.

The IMR (Integrated Munitions Rifle)[1], referred to as himar in the game files, is a four-round burst (fully-automatic in the campaign) assault rifle in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.


The IMR is a starting weapon in the first level "Induction", and is one of the main weapons used by the Atlas Corporation. However, when they are enemies, they only use it against the player in the PC and next-gen versions of the game.

Unlike its counterpart in other game modes, the IMR is fully-automatic. However, in campaign mode, only a specific version of the IMR prints ammo to reserve. This one is available in three missions: "Induction", where it is a starting weapon, "Atlas", where several ones are available in the armory alongside non-ammo printing IMRs, and "Utopia", where it is found right before reaching the docks. This version is equipped with a Red Dot Sight, but has unique iron sights still mounted (though in the next-gen versions non-printing variants can be found with a red dot sight as well).

There is a printing indicator behind the red dot sight, and it prints 30 rounds to reserve every 30 seconds. When printing rounds, it displays a loading bar in the form of a bullet and reads "FMCST0054" as well; when the maximum reserve ammunition has been reached, it reads "FULL".


  • Designer: Atlas
  • Weight: 7.1 lbs (with 30 rounds)
  • Barrel length: 18.2 inches
  • Cartridge: 5.56x45mm ATL


The IMR is an average damage-per-bullet assault rifle. At any range shorter than five meters, the IMR will deal 35 damage, netting a three shot kill, or a one hit kill in Hardcore. Keep in mind that both of these values make it so only a portion of one burst must be used. At any range between five meters and 25.6 meters, the IMR will deal 28 damage, netting a four shot kill, or a two shot kill in Hardcore. At any range past 25.6 meters, the IMR will deal 24 damage, resulting in a five shot kill, or a two shot kill in Hardcore. Most of the time, the IMR's damage will feel relatively consistent due to the four round burst configuration of the Assault Rifle.

The IMR has a healthy rate of fire. The IMR has a four round burst configuration, and the IMR will shoot at 800 RPM overall. After each burst, there is a burst delay of around 100 milliseconds. Compared to some other burst fire weapons, the IMR has a very fast rate of fire, and as such, a player that can properly control their fire can fire very fast.

The IMR has rather good accuracy. The iron sights are relatively clear, and the recoil per shot is a moderate amount; however, the IMR has a huge centerspeed value of 2500, meaning that the recoil almost perfectly resets by the time the next shot in the burst is ready to be fired. As such, this makes the IMR exceptionally accurate.

The IMR has the average handling traits of an Assault Rifle. The IMR will aim down the sights in 250 milliseconds, will allow the player to move at 90% of the base speed (or give a 10% speed reduction), and the hip-fire spread is an average size. The IMR, however, has weird reloading properties. The animation for a regular reload is 2.75 seconds; however, the IMR's Reload Cancel speed can make the IMR reload in as little as 1.2 seconds. If players can effectively reload cancel, this can make the IMR's regular reload quicker than its Speed Reload, which, if reload cancelling, only reloads in 1.7 seconds, or half a second longer than the IMR's regular reload cancel time. As well, the IMR will perform an empty reload in as little as 1.4 seconds, still faster than the IMR's speed reload by 300 milliseconds. As such, if the player can reload cancel, it is highly recommended to not speed reload, as it offers little benefit.

The IMR has a healthy magazine size of 36 rounds, or nine bursts total. An interesting quirk of the IMR is that, if the reserve ammunition is not filled up, the IMR will generate four rounds of ammunition every five seconds. This makes it so the IMR is not as dependent on Scavenger to pick up ammunition. However, due to the slow speed of which the IMR generates this extra ammunition, Scavenger is still a possible choice.

The IMR, due to its design, does not have Dual Magazine available for use in the attachment selection. However, everything else is available to the IMR's disposal.

The optical attachments aren't necessary on the IMR, but can help put the IMR's great accuracy to better use if the player is not very good with the iron sights, or if just needing a long range sight to enhance their visibility.

The Foregrip will reduce the per shot recoil of the IMR, and will make it so the IMR has both little recoil per shot and very high centerspeed, making recoil virtually non-existent. The Grenade Launcher gives the IMR an underbarrel grenade launcher. However, it has very low chances of killing enemies unless playing in Hardcore game modes, and/or using Danger Close. As well, Flak Jacket users prove almost insurmountable when using the Grenade Launcher.

The Quickdraw Grip and the Stock can both improve the performance of a more aggressive player, reducing the aim down sight speed to 125 milliseconds, and allowing the player to strafe faster. However, more defensive players will find less need of these two attachments.

The Laser Sight will somewhat improve the IMR's performance in close quarters combat by slightly reducing the size of the hip-fire box. However, the impact of the Laser Sight is minimal. The Tracker can prove useful when engaging distant targets, as enemies can easily move out of harm's way while under friendly fire. However, with the Tracker equipped, the enemy can show up on friendly radar, allowing more mobile players to close in, take the enemy by surprise, and get an easy kill. However, Low Profile will keep enemies hidden from the mini-map in this regard. The Parabolic Microphone will enhance suppressed weapons' fire on the mini-map of the player. This can prove useful if the player will attempt to take players by surprise, as many players that use suppressed weapons will rely on their suppressor to protect them from players overly reliant on the mini-map. However, the Parabolic Microphone is not useful in Hardcore game modes, as a UAV must be present for the Parabolic Microphone to be put to use, and less players use Suppressors in hardcore game modes.

The Suppressor proves to be very useful on the IMR, as the IMR has a rather consistent damage profile, meaning that the range disadvantage the Suppressor gives isn't too major of a downside. However, the Parabolic Microphone will still reveal users of the Suppressor on the mini-map, so players shouldn't be overly reliant on their Suppressed weapon to keep them safe from players reliant on the mini-map.

Extended Mags increases the magazine capacity to a very large 54 rounds, or 13 and a half bursts. Due to how 54 is not divisible by four, this will make the IMR have a two round burst at the very end of its magazine. Extended Mags also offers 50% more starting ammunition. This can allow an accurate player to make great use of the ammunition pool available to them, and due to the reload speed being very fast, reloading is not an area of concern with the IMR.

The IMR offers some good variants. The Impact increases the minimum damage to 25, allowing the player to score a four-shot kill at any range. This makes the IMR more powerful as the player can kill an enemy within a single burst at any range, assuming all bullets hit the target. It has a drawback of reduced medium damage range, 22.1 meters instead of 25.6 meters. This is a very minor drawback due to the fact the damage increase makes this shorter range almost unnoticeable, considering the IMR is still a four-shot kill beyond the medium damage range.

The Hushed comes with a built-in Suppressor, which suits the IMR's play style very well. However, the hip-fire spread is increased by 10%. This is a good variant to use if one was willing to use a Suppressor on their class, but is otherwise not very good, as it takes up an attachment slot that could very well be used for something else but also saves a point in a player's class.

The Feedback gives a seemingly good advantage, by shortening the burst delay to 80 milliseconds, compared to 100 milliseconds. This, in turn, increases the potential fire rate to 857 RPM. Unfortunately, the four shot kill range is reduced dramatically, as the Feedback suffers from a crippling glitch that lowers its 4 shot kill range to a tenth of what it is supposed to be, and the view kick is increased by 10%. Both of these effects are extremely detrimental to the IMR's performance, making the Feedback a near worthless variant, as the range downsides vastly outweigh the fire rate increase.

The Hunter decreases the burst delay to 90 millseconds, increasing the potential overall fire rate to 827 RPM. Its drawback is a minor 10% wider hip-fire cone. It is a far better variant compared to the Feedback as it doesn't cripple the 4 shot kill range, although the potential fire rate is somewhat lower.

The Thunder Tusk decreases view kick by 30%, making recoil much more manageable. Due to the aforementioned 2500 centerspeed, recoil is almost a non-factor on the Thunder Tusk, making the use of a Foregrip redundant. However, the magazine capacity is decreased from 36 to 28 rounds, and the hipspread cone is 10% wider, the latter being a minor drawback. The lower magazine capacity allows the player to fire 7 full bursts instead of 9, and can make reloading slightly more frequent. Extended Mags is a questionable attachment on the Thunder Tusk, as the magazine capacity is still relatively high, and as mentioned above, the IMR has a very short reload cancel time, making reloads easily manageable.

Exo Survival

The IMR appears in Exo Survival. It costs 3 upgrade points, and is unlocked at round 17.

It fires four-round bursts, which can be better or worse than the ARX-160 depending how accurate with it the player is. Some bad things about it include that it has a relatively slow reload speed, and has a high upgrade point cost. However, some good things are its low recoil and high rate of fire per burst.

Due to it being burst-fire, having low recoil and having a slow reload, it is a good weapon to use in long ranges, but bad in close-quarters.

A unique thing about the IMR is that four bullets are added to the reserve ammo every five seconds, which means refilling its ammo in the Weapon Upgrade armory or attempting to find Ammo Refill power-ups does not have to be as high of a priority as it would be with other weapons.

Exo Zombies

The IMR appears in Exo Zombies. It is available via the 3D Printer.

It is almost identical to its multiplayer rendition: it holds 36 rounds per magazine, 148 rounds in reserve, and fires in four-round bursts. The damage per bullet is very effective, being among the highest of assault rifles. However, the reserve ammunition is a major drawback, and the player is likely to burn through ammunition quickly. Like in other modes, the IMR is still able to print rounds, at the same rate as in multiplayer: it prints four rounds every five seconds. This means that the player can switch to their secondary weapon while the IMR prints more ammunition. It should be noted, however, that it might take a while for the IMR to produce enough rounds for durable use (it takes 45 seconds for the IMR to produce a magazine of ammunition), which means that using a high-capacity weapon such as the Pytaek is advisable if the player has to wait more than a minute for the IMR to recover sufficient ammunition. In addition, its reload time might require the use of Exo Reload.

Through upgrading, the IMR receives a Target Enhancer, a Laser Sight and a Stock at Mk4, M7 and Mk10 upgrade levels, respectively. These will be helpful in higher rounds, as the improved sight increases accuracy, and the Laser Sights makes hip-firing more viable. One should note, however, that the magazine and ammunition capacity nor the printing rate are altered by upgrading. This means that if one wants to use this weapon past round 20, it is advised to use a powerful and/or high-capacity weapon such as the Pytaek or the Ameli in order to kill zombies while the IMR produces ammunition.

Overall, the IMR is among the best weapons available in Exo Zombies: its high damage per shot and rate of fire make it very effective against zombies, especially when upgraded. However, its major drawback is that its reserve ammo is relatively low, although the weapon still has its 3D Printer that allow the player to gain four rounds every five seconds; while the time needed to replenish a large amount of ammunition is long, the player may use another weapon while the IMR prints more ammunition.


Supply Drop Variants

Name Rarity Advantages Disadvantages Notes
Impact Enlisted Damage: 35-28-25 Range: 200-870.4
Hunter Enlisted Fire Rate: 1200 RPM per burst (827 overall) Hipspread +10% Burst delay decreased from 0.1s to 0.09s
Defense Enlisted Hipspread −10% ADS Time +10%
Lightweight Enlisted ADS Time −10% View Kick +10%
Heart Breaker Professional Damage: 35-28-19 Integrated Parabolic Microphone
Hushed Professional Hipspread +10% Integrated Suppressor
Pillager Professional Range: 200-87.04 Integrated Laser Sight
Thunder Tusk Elite View Kick −30% Mag Capacity: 28
Hipspread +10%
Boar Strike Elite Damage: 35-28-25
Range: 230-1177.6
Fire Rate: 1000 RPM per burst (685 overall)

View Kick +20%

Burst delay increased to 0.11s
Royalty Elite (Same advantages/disadvantages as Boar Strike)
Feedback Permanent (Unlocked at 300 kills) Fire Rate: 1200 RPM per burst (857 overall) Range: 200-87.04
View Kick +10%
Burst delay decreased to 0.08s


For attachment images, see IMR/Attachments.
For attachment images, see IMR/Camouflage.
For variant images, see IMR/Variants.


  • The gun's 3D model when held by the operator has a substantially shorter stock than the image in create-a-class.
    • Additionally, the IMRs seen in the armory's showcase in the campaign mission "Atlas" have a much shorter barrel than usual.
  • The IMR was originally called the HIMAR in early development.[2]
  • In Campaign, the IMR will be shown in the Impacted variant when obtained by the player. Although, the weapon will be in its default model when dropped.
  • The Campaign IMR will have two separate red dot sights equipped; one features the 3D printing system while the other is the standard sight.
  • The IMR seems to use a 3D fabricator (Formcaster 3D) to create ammo from a liquid matter source (visible in the stock).
    • The 3D printer on the side of the IMR is marked "Formcaster 3D", although this is very hard to see on the default IMR. It is more noticeable on other variants.
  • The Feedback, Pillager, and Hushed variants have "SHG" written on the stock on the left side, a reference to Sledgehammer Games. This is most easily seen when choosing the variants in the Create-a-Class menu.