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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode

This is a list of the characters' quotes from the zombies map IX.

Scarlett Rhodes

"Okay you dumb stumbling cadavers. You're all headed for the morgue. This time, permanently."
— At the beginning of the round

"We need to explore every inch of this place. I don't want to spend one minute longer in this puke soaked arena than I absolutely have to."
— At the beginning of Round 2

"If we can solve all their riddles and defeat all their warriors, then the doorway will be open. Fuck! Why did he have to be right. Why did he have to be telling the truth."
— At the beginning of Round 3

"Dad used to tell stories about Danu. According to Celtic lore she was the mother of the earth. Apparently mamas kind of a bitch."
— Upon entering the Danu Tower

Diego Necalli

Bruno Delacroix

Stanton Shaw

"What? Wait a minute... Where's everyone else? Did they chicken out at the last second?? I bloody knew it! I thought I saw Bruno looking at me funny!"
— Upon starting Round 1 solo.

"Aside from the variety of monstrosities trying to eviscerate me, I'm a little distracted by how breezy it is up the old 'undercarriage' area. Hope nothing pops out by accident."
— Upon starting Round 3.

"I wish I'd brought some catnip."
— Upon encountering a zombie tiger.

"Crikey! I could feel the organs squishing about! Do they even work??"
— Upon killing a zombie with a melee attack.

"Emergency surgery! I'll bill you later."
— Upon killing a zombie with a melee attack.

"They are so much worse up close!"
— Upon killing a zombie with a melee attack.

"Tyger Tyger, burning bright, spare me your unholy bite.."
— Upon encountering a Tiger

"This Norseman must have been a really great warrior in life. That or he was incredibly rich. Or maybe he just really liked boats..."
— Upon entering the Odin tower.

"This is just a piece of nothing!'s actually a piece of something."
— Upon picking up the first piece of the Brazen Bull.

"Sounds good. Although, double pints sounds even better."
— Upon receiving a Double Points.

"I suppose fire is one of the most FUNDAMENTAL means of creating rapid change... or should I say 'Transmogrification'?"
— Upon receiving a Nuke.

"Alms for the poor, that's what this is. Not that I'm complaining."
— Upon receiving a Bonus Points.

"A pistol? Seriously? I think you have more confidence in me than I do."
— Upon receiving a pistol from the Mystery Box.

"A lad could make a fortune selling these to warlords around the globe. Could also start a world war..."
— Upon receiving an assault rifle from the Mystery Box.

""Stopping power." That's what everyone says about shotguns, right? Because I need all of this to stop."
— Upon receiving a shotgun from the Mystery Box.

"I don't know if everyone's aware, but there's a name for this. He's a "Homunculus.""
— Upon receiving the Homunculus from the Mystery Box.