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For a similar utility, see Water Slide.

A player using the Ice slide.

The Ice Slide is a Utility in the Zombies map Call of the Dead and Tag Der Toten. It is located in the back room of the lighthouse on the ground floor. To use the Ice Slide, a player simply needs to walk into it. Once a player is on the slide, they will slide down uncontrollably but will still be able to use their weapon. The Slide is free to use and can be used unlimited times. However, once the slide is used, players must take the long way around to the lighthouse to use it again making it a one-way trip. At the bottom of the slide is a pool of water containing Speed Cola and the Sickle.


  • If the player dives to prone on to the slide, when the player lands in the water they will land prone but will go into crouching position and will emerge with water on the screen.
  • Zombies are capable of using the slide, as well as George A. Romero, who surfs down the Ice Slide instead of sliding on his back.
  • Crawlers will become fast after going down the slide regardless of their original crawling speed.
  • Going down the slide is the only way to get to Speed Cola, the Sickle, a Radio, and two of the Fog Horns.