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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
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For the tool, see Ice Pick.
"Powerful hacking device that disables enemies and steals or destroys their equipment."
— Description

The Icepick is a piece of Specialist equipment featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, exclusive to Leni "Zero" Vogel.


The Icepick is a portable device comprised of several internal computer parts and a keyboard. When the player pulls out the Icepick, they will have the option to begin the hack or wait. When the player begins to hack, the hacking process will move down a vertical list on the display window, starting with items that can be hacked and converted to the player's side, followed by items that can be outright destroyed, then ending with hacking into other players. Hacked players will have disabled HUDs, and scrambled minimaps with the addition of "ghost dots" to confuse players. These effects will remain until TAACOM is able to remove the malware from the player's systems, or if the player is able to kill the player who used the Icepick. Larger items require more time to hack, such as Sentry Guns, Mantises, and Gunships. The player will also be given the option to hack faster, although this will severely restrict the player's movement speed while hacking faster.

When an enemy player is using the Icepick, the Announcer will inform the player's entire team of the Icepick's activation, followed by the player's items that are in the process of being hacked. The player using the Icepick will have a unique icon above their heads, which can be seen on the minimap and through walls. If a player using the Icepick is killed, then the hacking process will be stopped, although items hacked before are still disabled.


  • Activate to see all hackable content.
  • Choose to hack now or wait for more targets.
  • Hold Square/X/F to hack faster.
  • Hacked enemies can't use abilities.
  • Hacked equipment is stolen or destroyed.
  • Excellent counter for enemy Scorestreaks.
  • Unlimited range.



  • Several of the keys on the Icepick's keyboard are either missing or replaced with solid pink and blue colored keys.
    • The keys that are pink are 'W, A, D, S', which references the typical movement controls of a character on the keyboard, '0', which references Zero herself, and the colon/semicolon key, which is typically used to separate multiple statements and inputs in computer programming.
  • Both the Icepick and the Disruptor have Zero's signature alien pixel charm on them.
  • There is a blue lollipop taped on the left side of the Icepick.