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"After subjecting Bell to a dangerous interrogation, Russell Adler reveals the truth about Bell's past."
— Mission Description

Identity Crisis is the fourteenth and penultimate campaign mission in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.


After undergoing an interrogation under the effects of psychoactive drugs, "Bell" broke their brainwashing to become aware of the location of Perseus, where he intends to order the detonation of the Operation Greenlight nuclear arsenal, ruining the United States' reputation.

"Bell" awakens confused on a gurney, surrounded by Russell Adler, Lawrence Sims, and possibly either Helen Park or Eleazar "Lazar" Azoulay. Adler pressures "Bell" to give him the location, so the CIA can stop the imminent detonation of the nuclear bombs. After questioning why they are there, Adler and his comrades tell "Bell" the truth: during an operation to interrogate Arash Kadivar, Adler discovered the individual who would become "Bell", captured them, and then implemented false memories into their mind so they could serve as a valuable asset with vital intelligence on Perseus. With the knowledge that Perseus plans to order the detonation of the Greenlight nukes at Solovetsky Monastery, "Bell" is further pushed to give him the location.

"Bell" tells Adler that Perseus is at Solovetsky Monastery. Adler and his team prepare for a mission at Solovetsky, and allow "Bell" to come with them.

"Bell" makes up a lie that Perseus is at Duga. Adler believes "Bell", commands his team to prepare for a mission at Duga, and allows "Bell" to come with them. The player has the choice to use a radio at the safehouse, in order to contact a Soviet soldier and ask them to let Perseus know that "Bell" is leading Adler and his team to Duga, and to prepare an ambush. Doing so will give the player the ability to keep "Bell" alive during the events of Ashes to Ashes.



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  • If the player chooses to lie to Adler, when looking at him and the rest of his team, their names will appear red. This signifies that they are now enemies of "Bell".
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