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"Ambush is an effective strategy. No sense in fighting fair when a single trap will do the job. For Ikenna Olowe, the best strategy is to always have a backup plan. The battlefield is a chessboard full of gambits, baits, and snares. Think you're winning one second, when defeat is just turns away. When you play against a master of the game, they can seal victory in just a few moves. The rest is just playin' out the inevitable."
Carver Butcher

Ikenna Olowe is an Operator of the Immortal faction featured in Call of Duty: Vanguard and Call of Duty: Warzone. Ikenna was released during the Season Four Reloaded of Vanguard on August 8th, 2022 as part of the "Ikenna Olowe Operator Bundle".


Ikenna Olowe understood strategy from a young age. As a child in Nigeria, he excelled at chess, quickly surpassing his teachers. He grew strong studying Gidigbo, a martial arts battle of wits. Balanced in body and mind, Ikenna joined the war effort as a battlefield engineer. His work established critical supply lines across the globe. Ikenna became a grand planner, knowing when to build and when to demolish.

Mercenaries of Fortune

At some point after the War, Ikenna would join Special Operations Task Force Immortal along with Carver Butcher and Callum Hendry. The three would end up becoming mercenaries and go after a helicopter containing Nazi gold. Butcher comes across the crashed helicopter when he notices Arthur Kingsley coming out of the trees. The two stare at each other until Florence Carter, Anna Drake and Lewis Howard come out to assist Kingsley. At this time, Ikenna and Callum would come out to assist Butcher in a fire fight after the gold.



Name Rarity Image How to obtain
Yoruba Common Ikenna Olowe Yoruba Skin CODV.png Operator Level 10
Compatriot Common Ikenna Olowe Compatriot Skin CODV.png Operator Level 20
Lagosian Rare Ikenna Olowe Lagosian Skin CODV.png Reach Max Level with All Operators in the Immortal Unit
Glass Sand Epic Ikenna Olowe Glass Sand Skin CODV.png Reach Max Level with All Operators in 4 Units
Blood Night Legendary Ikenna Olowe Blood Night Skin CODV.png Ikenna Olowe Operator Bundle


Name Rarity Quote How to obtain
Let That Be a Lesson Rare "Let that be a lesson to you." Operator Level 2
Set Up To Fail Rare "You set yourself up to fail." Operator Level 14

Finishing Moves

Name Rarity Preview How to obtain
Rack It Base Unlocked by default
Silent Ambush Common SilentAmbush FinishingMove Ikenna CODV.gif Operator Level 17
Universal Finishing Moves

Highlight Intros

Name Rarity Preview How to obtain
Press Check Base Unlocked by default
Snappy Gunplay Common SnappyGunplay HighlightIntro Ikenna CODV.gif Operator Level 15
Knife Work Legendary KnifeWork HighlightIntro Ikenna CODV.gif Ikenna Olowe Operator Bundle
Universal Highlight Intros

MVP Hightlights

Name Rarity Preview How to obtain
Pistol-Whip Base Unlocked by default
Step Aside Common StepAside MVPHighlight Ikenna CODV.gif Operator Level 5
Slice N' Dice Legendary SliceNDice MVPHighlight Ikenna CODV.gif Ikenna Olowe Operator Bundle
Universal MVP Highlights



  • Ikenna's hobbies include Chess, Gidigbo and Architecture.