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"Immediate Action" was a planned campaign mission in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. All that exists to prove its development is a file called "compass_map_cqb_2.iwi". In the mod tools, in the raw/English/localizedstrings folder, a file called "embassy.str" can be found. The string file includes information about the level, such as its location, the level name, the date, and various objectives.

Plot Edit

From the level's planned string file, the mission would take place in the American Embassy in London, and bears almost identical resemblance to the Iranian Embassy siege of 1980. It is not known when the game takes place; all that is known is the time - 1942 hours (7:42 PM). Also not known is the player's team.

Hint strings include the following:

  • Press USE to secure hostage
  • Press USE to detonate frame charge
  • Press USE to dismount from ladder
  • Press USE to attach to fastrope
  • Press USE to grab the rope
  • Press USE to start rappelling
  • Press USE to throw a FLASHBANG here
  • Press USE to give breach command
  • LEVEL END (end sniper sequence disabled for now)
  • Press USE to take sniper rifle
  • Explosives planted! Stand back!
  • Time left: [number]

Objectives include the following:

  • Secure all areas in the south offices.
  • Proceed to the insertion point
  • Breach the window with a frame charge
  • Secure hostages in the south offices
  • Proceed to the north offices
  • Secure all hostages in the north offices
  • Flank the enemy position from the balcony
  • Proceed to the banquet hall
  • Secure hostages in the banquet hall
  • Regroup with team near the main dining table
  • Rendezvous with team Bravo One
  • Eliminate hostiles in main reception
  • Get into position to breach the skylight
  • Cover Bravo's exfil from the barricades
  • Assault the sniper position
  • Breach the library wall
  • Intercept X Ray One

"Mission Failed" messages include the following:

  • Mission failed. The hostages were executed.
  • You shot the wrong terrorist!
  • You shot the terrorist too early!
  • You waited too long!
  • You killed a hostage. Mission failed.
  • Terrorists killed a hostage. Mission failed.

"Debug text" includes:

  • CQB test: Solo Breach
  • CQB test: Shotgun Breach
  • Room Clear
  • All hostages secure in office xx
  • Rescue timer: started
  • Rescue timer: extended
  • Rescue timer: expired

Video Edit

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