For the original character, see Imran Zakhaev (Original).
Laswell: "Zakhaev wants Barkov's throne."
Price: "I almost buried him in Pripyat... With MacMillan."
Price telling Laswell about the failed assassination of Imran Zakhaev

Imran Zakhaev (Russian: Имран Захаев) is a character mentioned in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.


Described as a "Cold War Hero", Imran Zakhaev was a high-ranking official in the Interior Ministry of the Soviet Union. As such, Zakhaev had access to tunnels, bunker systems but also underground barracks, shelters and silos across the Eastern Bloc.

Imran had high expectations and valued education, insisting his middle son, Victor, to be fluent in Italian, German, English and French. Victor enrolled into a prestigious preparatory school in Verdansk, Kastovia, but was soon expelled following an altercation with a teacher for grabbing the teacher's cane and breaking it to evade his corporal punishment. As a punishment, Imran sent Victor to the Suvo Military School, where his peers were the more austere families of Soviet military personnel.

The introduction of new economic and cultural freedoms in the 80s crippled the USSR as a major world power, much to Imran's dismay. At some point in time, Imran met Perseus, who played a large part in radicalizing his political beliefs. Becoming an Ultranationalist, Imran railed against the ensuing privatizations and the spreading of ownership of former state enterprises, but his work was in vain to prevent the new model from spreading across Eastern Europe.

In December 1994, Imran Zakhaev underwent emergency heart bypass surgery and remained in the hospital for months. Victor claimed his father’s troubles were the manifestations of a broken heart after seeing the Soviet Union fell.

At some point, Zakhaev was almost killed by John Price and MacMillan, two SAS operatives, during a mission in Pripyat.

Imran Zakhaev died in 2011 and Victor's growing disenchantment with Modern Russia led him to sneaking out of the country along with his wife Yuila. He then reportedly used what was left of his father’s loyalist contacts and created Zakhaev Arms to smuggle weapons from Eastern Europe to Africa and the Middle East. Using his gun-running, Victor continued to wield influence with an eye toward fulfilling Imran's unrealized dreams of returning the Soviet Union to its former glory through leveraging the threat of nuclear war.


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