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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode

"Five years later. In cooperation with the CIA, investigate the sudden silence of a CIA Black Station in the Singapore Quarantine Zone - established in the wake of the disaster that killed 300,000 people."
— Mission Briefing

"In Darkness" is the third (chronologically the first and seventh in Nightmares) level in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. Five years after the previous level, the Player and Hendricks are sent to Singapore after communications are lost. While there, the operatives learn some dark secrets.



Level Briefing

Encryption #20-6E-6F-74. Protocol: Whiskey

Shrouded In Darkness, the team is approved to use any means necessary...

Mission: Locate cause of lost communication in Singapore, Quarantine Zone and execute

Active Mission - Day 0

Pre-Mission Scrolling Text

Scrolling Text
AAR INCOMING. WA FOB SAFEHOUSE-SGP. REPORT DESIGNATION: CO Juliet-Tango. Standing OIC: Juliet-Hotel. LNO: Romeo-Kilo. AFTER ACTION MISSION REPORT: Classified WASF. SOCWA-E Eyes Only. Encryption #2-0-6-ECHO-6-F0XTR0T-7-4. OPERATIONAL PROTOCOL: Infiltration & Termination. OPERATION #20-6E-6F-74 ACCEPTED. Four Targets Marked for Termination. Mission Status: OPEN. Day: 0. Our newly assigned liaison for this joint operation with the CIA is Case Officer Rachel Kane. Prior to reaching the AO, she provided us with a Data Package providing local intelligence and broadly outlining our mission parameters. Infiltration into Singapore Quarantine Zone was relatively uneventful. After hitting DZ, our Team experienced contained direct action with local criminal combine the 54 Immortals, but engagements were tied off quickly and low-profile was maintained. Our team swept the AO before moving to secure the CIA Black Station. Upon arrival we discovered the bodies of the station staff. Depite the heavy 54i presence on site, INTREP suggested an inside job - The numerous instances of security breaches - only possible for those with Station clearance -seem to support this conclusion. Further - INTREP suggested that the perpetrators primary motive was most likely to secure classified INTEL detailing the WA's military strength in contested relations across the world. Preliminary investigation suggest that they knew exactly what they were doing and took steos to cover their tracks. They removed the Station's data drives that would contain the security cam footage of the entire incident. Let the official records show - it was only after the station was secured that LNO Kane revealed details withheld from our original briefing. Specifically - that the last known Black Op coordinated from the site was conducted by our former teammates - Stone, Ramirez, Conrad and Fierro. These are the facts: Time-sensitive. Perpetrators have likely defected to CDP. Data drives must be recovered. Priority ONE - Contain and secure all materials relating to on ongoing operations of the WASF, CIA, MI6, and all other branches of military and covert organizations under the WA banner. Priority TWO - Termination of suspects. LNO Kane confirms that the CIA believes our targets have not yet left Singapore - but the clock is ticking. Personal Comment: The CIA's suggestion that Stone's team may be responsible for the killings does not sit well with Hendricks. In my five years under his command I have never seen him let his emotions get the better of him, but it’s clear that he's troubled by the concept that his former teammates could betray the Winslow Accord and defect to the CDP. If their quilt is indeed established, the revelation could create a potentially difficult situation for Hendricks.


Since the operation in Ethiopia, Hendricks and the Player have done wetwork across the globe. After the CIA black site goes dark in Singapore, Hendricks and the Player are sent in and lead through the mission by LNO Rachel Kane via communications. Before the two agents begin their mission, Hendricks gives the Player a Micro-Missile Launcher and, due to an extremely powerful storm hitting the area, an anchor to prevent him from being washed or blown away by the waves and/or winds of the storm.

On the ground, Hendricks and the Player witness the savage murder of two civilians by the 54 Immortals. Angered by the scene, Hendricks, against the Player's orders, assaults the 54i as the Player follows his lead, which leads to a full-on engagement between the 54i and the two agents. Kane calls in a drone strike, but to no avail by the storm, Hendricks disobeys Kane's orders and goes towards the ship to shut down the system.

The Player and Hendricks succeed, but nearly escape the incoming storm. The Player and Hendricks battle more soldiers until a warlord enters the scene, forcing the operatives to take cover. Suddenly, the warlord is taken down by Kane, who came to the scene by the noise caused by the two. The agents finish their sweep of 54i forces and make their way to the site, finding it rumbled and broken down.

Going in, they kill the last cavalry of 54i who attempt to break into the site, and enter the room. The three find the agents killed by Denial of Reincarnation, with their eyes stabbed, ears sliced, and noses smashed in. Data drives, camera footage, reports, debriefs and everything to download are gone as well. Kane then reveals that the last team here was John Taylor's, as Hendricks and the Player reject this information.


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  • Untouched: Completed the mission without dying
  • Score: Completed the mission with a score of 12,500 or higher.
  • Got 'em: Found all of the collectibles in the mission.
  • Fire for Effect: Kill 5 targets with a single micro-missile volley.
  • Commandeered: Kill 20 enemies using a technical truck turret.
  • Duelist: Kill a Warlord using only a pistol.
  • From Nowhere: Kill 5 enemies over 150 ft away in under 3 seconds.
  • Blast Zone: Kill 2 RPG enemies in under one second.
  • Target Variety: Kill an enemy robot and a human enemy without reloading.
  • No Prisoners: Let no 54i escape from the power generator building.
  • Breach and Clear: Headshot 3 enemies during a breach.
  • Power Denied: Kill 4 powered-off robots in the Comm Relay before they activate.
  • Matched Firepower: Kill a Warlord using a technical truck turret.
  • Blown Away: Kill a Warlord with an explosive barrel.
  • Push the Line: Take out a Riot Shield phalanx with only melee attacks.
  • Expert Flanker: Headshot 3 riot shield enemies.

Weapon Loadout

Field Ops Kit

Found in level

Found in level




Call of Duty- Black Ops III - In Darkness -Walkthrough PC-


  • In cutscenes, the Player's KN-44 does not have a Reflex Sight, but it does in gameplay.
  • The chocolate bar being eaten by Hendricks in the first cutscene is created by Dr. Monty, the creator of the GobbleGums featured in Zombies mode.
  • In the cutscene where Kane kills the Warlord with her Locus, she fires three shots to kill the Warlord, despite it not being possible to kill a Warlord with three shots from a Locus.
  • There is an advertisement of a bank called “NBS” on a screen. This is likely a play on the name of real-life bank DBS, as the symbol is merely inverted inside-out.
  • On the pillar outside the subway station, a departures board that seems to be from a station in the UK (detailing the delayed arrival of a train from London Euston station) can be seen.