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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts

"Resistant to targeting systems including: Recon, Thermal Scope, Tracker Sight and Motion Sensor. No name, red crosshairs or enemy callouts when targeted."
Create-A-Class Description

Incog is introduced in Call of Duty: Ghosts as a Stealth perk. It costs three perk points, making it cost 9 Squad Points to purchase prematurely, and it is unlocked naturally at level 40.

It is similar to Cold Blooded from previous games. It hides users from Tracker sights/equipment and prevents the user from showing up on the Thermal Hybrid or Thermal Scope. No red name appears when they are targeted ADS by enemies.

Incog is a potent perk for any stealth build. While being expensive, the player is sure to benefit from it in almost all gamemodes and situations. The invisibility to Thermal Scopes and Tracker Sights is very beneficial in very large maps or maps with poor visibility, as they are commonly used by other players. However, one should not rely too heavily on Incog to avoid detection, as the advanced sight attachments still provide enough definition of the environment to allow a player to notice an Incog player that is moving.

As the perk removes the red name and crosshair of the player from enemies targeting the user, it can confuse them seeing the player as a corpse, assuming the player is at prone stance. The other benefits of the perk depend on whether enemies use such equipment/perks or not. If the player using the perk faces enemies who use Recon extensively, it can draw attention away from the player, as Recon users are more likely to hunt down the enemies they have successfully tagged.

A key overlooked benefit of the perk is the removal of enemy call-outs when seen by an enemy. Unlike in past games, enemy call-outs are very detailed and map specific; these hints can often help lead teammates to an enemy, so being immune to these call-outs can help prevent the player from being detected.

Incog does not necessarily have to be used in a pure stealth class because of the many benefits it has. The extra cleavage it provides can protect the player from snipers when moving in open areas or from Motion Sensors in doorways when entering enemy-controlled buildings.

Due to Incog's numerous large benefits, it is among the most popular stealth perks due to the heavy counterplay against many visual player detection methods that other people use.