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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops III.
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For things with similar names, see Infected and Infected (course).
For the Exo Zombies map, see Infection.

"Warped simulation of a World War 2 historical battle set in a quaint French village."
— Map Description

Infection is a multiplayer map in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. It is described as taking place in France, however, the stone structure in the center says Foy, Belgium. It is based off of the single player level Demon Within, which included a simulation of the Battle of Bastogne during World War II.



  • There is a sign that says "Waffenfabrik der Riese" which, translated from German, means "Weapons Factory - The Giant" which is a link to the Zombies map Der Riese. In the hotel near the center, there is also a map of Der Riese on the wall.
  • In one of the houses, two pictures of boxers are seen hanging on the wall, the same ones that can be found in Shadows of Evil. Other references to the map are the boxing gloves that are on a shelf in the same house and a Fumigator in one of the houses which is on its side.
  • The sign in the center of town states that "Foy City" was established by Corvus.
  • The part of the map that acts as the wall is a remake of the Call of Duty map Carentan[1].
  • On one of the floating pieces of rubble near the church side of the map, there is a house that is believed to be Samantha Maxis's house as seen in various cutscenes thoughtout the Zombies series.
  • The stained glass windows in the church depict scenes from the story mission "Demon Within" showing Sarah Hall, Corvus, the Player holding a baby in the Frozen Forest and other such images.