Insta-Gator is a trap in the Exo Zombies map Infection in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.[1] It is located in the pit and costs 500 points. Once activated, it summons a pack of alligators that will swim around the pit and devour any zombie that wanders around the water, instantly killing them. It is, however, not recommended to stay too long there, or at least not during the higher rounds, since the player can get outnumbered by Zombies and the Gator trap can only kill one zombie at a time.


  • Harry Bawlstein, the manager of Hoard More, had his arm bitten off as a result of Insta-Gator.[2]
  • If the Insta-Gator is activated four times in a game, players will hear sounds from the Atari game Pitfall during exo boost movements.
  • Its name is a portmanteau of "instant" (due to it being an instant death) and "alligator", and is a play on word "instigator".



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