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For collectibles in Call of Duty: World at War, see Death Cards.
For collectibles in Call of Duty: Ghosts, see Rorke Files.
For collectibles in Call of Duty: Black Ops III, see Collectibles.
For collectibles in Extinction mode, see Intel (Extinction).
For the map, see Intel (map).

Intel refers to in-game files that contribute to world-building found within campaign levels. Intel files are often scattered across spots in the level map, and will contain information that often adds more depth to the story, such as recordings, documents, or articles. Intel files are portrayed as military laptops in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 , Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered

In Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, the intel are futuristic laptops with a bluish screen and light purplish keyboard.

In Call of Duty: Black Ops, they are shown to be file folders and recordings, while its sequel shows its intel in the form of data pads and recordings. Once collected, they allow access to cheats in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, access to various classified documents in Black Ops and access to recorded messages in Advanced Warfare. In Modern Warfare 2, Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops II, they only allow the player to unlock achievements/trophies, though one of the Challenges for every mission in the latter game, allowing for unlocking of extra equipment, requires the player to acquire all three Intel items in the level.


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

There are 30 pieces of intel in total. To view how much intel the player has found, they can go to the cheats menu. It will say how many intel pieces have been collected in total and how many have been found in the current mission.


Main article: Cheats

Cheats affect gameplay and/or graphics, depending on which ones are active. When activating cheats, no achievements or trophies can be collected. Cheats can be activated from the pause menu once the game has been completed.

  • Collect 2 pieces of enemy intel.

CoD Noir: All color turns black and white.

  • Collect 4 pieces of enemy intel.

Photo-Negative: All color is inverted.

  • Collect 6 pieces of enemy intel.

Super Contrast: Drastically increases the game's contrast.

  • Collect 8 pieces of enemy intel.

Ragtime Warfare: All color is faded and yellowed, dust and scratches fill the screen, gameplay occurs at double speed, and piano music plays over any other sound in the game

Paintball (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex Edition only): All bullets turn into paint-balls, as they leave blobs of paint wherever they hit. Similar to the paintball death card in World at War.

  • Collect 10 pieces of enemy intel.

Cluster Bombs: After a fragmentation grenade explodes, more spawn and explode. This only affects the player's grenades and thrown back grenades.

  • Collect 15 pieces of enemy intel.

A Bad Year: Dead enemies turn into tires. The Reflex Edition requires a headshot to trigger this effect.

  • Collect 20 pieces of enemy intel.

Slow-Mo Ability: When the melee button is pressed, the game slows down to half-speed.

  • Collect 30 pieces of enemy intel.

Infinite Ammo: Weapons have unlimited ammo and magazines. No reloading necessary. Doesn't work with equipment like C4 and claymores.

More cheats were added to the Remastered version.


Act I

"Crew Expendable"

1. In the room with the two sleeping Russians. It's on the table next to a desktop to the left of them.

2. In the first big cargo hold room down the stairs. It's to the player's left after descending the stairs on the floor.


3. On a table in the very first house the player clears on his left.

4. On the second floor in the building where Nikolai is being held. It's in the over-sized bathroom on a box in front of the toilet.

"Charlie Don't Surf"

5. Inside the first target building in the basement. Behind the room with the AK-47 on the wall. After the player descends the stairs to the basement, the player will enter a room with several tables full of guns. The intel is in the room on the left after the player passes the tables.

6. In a guard post (bombed-out house) to the south after the first target building. It's on the second floor on a table.

7. After the heavy firefight with the machine gun truck, the player should walk down the road until he/she sees a stairwell on their right. (The stairwell comes up towards the player, make a U-turn to ascend it). On the rooftop of this building lies an Intel near a television which may be hard to spot.

"The Bog"

8. In the first building the player infiltrates in this mission, if the player sticks around the second floor after it is clear, some marines will breach a door in the hallway. Inside lies another intel to the left of the doorway.

9. After destroying the tanks using the Javelin and crossing the parking lot, the player runs down the alley and keeps turning left until the player sees a refrigerator. Make a sharp left at the refrigerator and head north and on the opposite side of that area, behind a stack of boxes, the player will find the intel.


10. After the firefight with the flashbang inside the house, it should be inside the building with the burning barrel or soda machine near the door. Get this one after the firefight.

11. In the makeshift building right before the barn but after the greenhouses. The building is on the left and NE of the barn. It is just after Price says "The heli is making another pass, find some overhead cover."

"War Pig"

12. After the first big firefight down the road, it will be in the farthest building on the left, on the second floor lying on a bed.

13. In the building adjacent to intel twelve. The building will have an AK-47 on the wall and the intel will be on the second floor next to a dresser. The stairs are on the north side of the building.

14. In the building with the two machine gunners after the ambush in the small alley with all the cars. The intel lies on a bed on the second floor.

"Shock and Awe"

15. The intel is in the far SE corner of the room where the reconnaissance team is being held up.

16. In the building across from intel fifteen (with gunners in the second floor windows) in the closet on the second floor.

Act II


17. In the first house after the forest (the one the player is supposed to call an air strike on) on the second floor. It's on a dresser.

18. On a booth in a restaurant near the water tower.

"All Ghillied Up"

19. This one is on the second floor of the first Church the player enters, where the lookout was positioned. The player needs to climb a ladder to get to it.

20. In the area with the gaurds standing around some barrels and one sleeping on a chair, instead of sneaking right past the gaurds, kill them and grab the intel located on a barrel. This is right after MacMillan says "Oi, Suzy!" to a gaurd and kills him.

21. After taking out the sniper on the fourth floor fire escape, ascend all the way up to that platform, jump through the window, and take the intel on the gray table to the player's left.

"One Shot, One Kill"

22. This one is on the fire escape of the first apartment the player comes out of after they shoot down the helicopter and carry MacMillan. The player will need to climb a ladder and ascend a few stories. It will lie on the ground of the top stairwell.

23. After the helicopters arrive, the player should head southeast to a now opened corridor. The intel is on the ground in the corner. The player might only get one chance to do this so be ready for some enemies that come out the door. Alternatively, the player can run out before the helicopters arrive, towards the enemies' usual spawning area, to try and force them to spawn within the corridor in question and open the door early.

"The Sins of the Father"

24. After the diner/gas station firefight. This intel is inside the diner on a table on the left. The player will need to get it before the story progresses automatically.

25. In the firefight with the snipers and the machine gunners (after leaving the junkyard). At the alley before that fight, the player should head right at the red dumpster, follow the alley to the left and ascend the first rusty stairwell he/she sees on the right. An intel, along with two enemy troops, should be in that building on the second floor.



26. In the first courtyard after the player enters the enemy base through the wall. It's across from the first firefight (where the troops drop in by helicopter) in the rightmost room on a desk.

"All In"

27. After the player destroys the first BMP, move up and clear the enemies at the far building. Before entering through the gate (that Gaz blows up), turn right down the near alley before the last enemy building. At the end lies an intel on the ground.

28. After entering through the gate into the missile area, the intel is located in the farthest hangar to the player's right.

"No Fighting In The War Room"

29. When Price stops at the exit to the bathroom, head left outside and then turn right and follow the hallway forward. After the hallways makes a 45-degree turn to the right and the paint gets a darker gray, take the first left into a dark conference room. The intel is located on a table.

30. Located in the southwestern room after the player breaches the control room with explosives. The player will have to go all the way around the room to get it. The intel is on the rectangular table in the center of the room.


Look Sharp (20 Gamerscore.png) - Acquired by collecting 15 pieces of enemy intel.

Eyes and Ears (20 Gamerscore.png) - Acquired by collecting all 30 pieces of enemy intel.

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Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare All 30 Intel Locations

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Intel in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

To view how many intel pieces a player has collected, the player can simply pause the game and look at the number in the bottom left-hand corner. There are 45 laptops to collect in total.


Act I


1. Under the watchtower, straight across from the entrance to the obstacle course.

"Team Player"

2. In a classroom, Sgt Foley quotes "I think I saw one go in that classroom" and then the player's team goes in. It's on the right wall as the player enters, on a desk by the barrels.

3. Right as the player exits the school, it's on a crate directly outside, next to a taxi.


4. Directly in front of the player when Soap tells Roach to go ahead alone, there's a guard tower. Up the ladder, the Intel is on the catwalk.

5. When the player is about to meet up with Soap, go in the opposite direction to find an aircraft hangar with a plane inside and several technicians working on it. Shoot out some of the windows and the Intel can be seen and picked up from the outside.

6. During the snowmobile sequence, when the player gets near 1800m from the finish, stop. Somewhere in front of the player a small wooden fence surrounding some trees in the middle of the path should be there, and a small wooden building up a hill to the right. The Intel is on the ground inside the fenced area with trees. Simply drive over it to pick it up.


7. On the map (press the pause button), go towards the Southeast corner when the player enters the favela. The player should find a motorcycle leaning against a building. In front of it, there's a building with an angled wall and a large window in said wall. Go through the door to the right of that window, the Intel is straight inside.

8. When the player comes up the alley and see the building with the ladder on the wall, go up the ladder and through the door, and the Intel is on a table right inside.

9. Inside a red brick building opposite the red brick building that contains Intel #8, it has an awning on the front of it. Enter by going up a small wooden staircase. There are three enemies inside the player has to kill, one of them hides behind an overturned wooden table. The Intel is on one of the beds in the room to the right of the stairs.

10. Near the end of the chase, off an alley, go in the building on the right side of the path, go downstairs and the Intel is between two beds.

Act II


11. It is on the counter in the gas station after the player comes through the alley.

12. It is inside the bank, on a desk by an Online Banking sign.

13. It is on a table inside Taco To Go. Enter the building through the blown up corner.

14. Inside a dumpster (in a small brick enclosure) on the east side of Burger Town, visible from the Burger Town roof ladder.

"The Hornet's Nest"

15. Inside the building on the right of the gateway the Technical crashes through. Just before the player go down the slope go in through the door next to a garage door (There's a blue car in the garage). Go past the blue car into the kitchen to find the Intel on the table.

16. After clearing the small lot (which has a bunch of appliances, cars, etc.), instead of going right up the stairs between buildings, go left around the three-level house (Floors are colored red, yellow, red), and look in the little hut attached to its side to find the Intel on some barrels.

17. As the player moves up the sloped street, there is a blue car on the right side of the street. In the building on that side, there is an Intel laptop up on the second floor, on the table.

18. When the player enters the last open lot and are supposed to go up on the roof, turn to the right and look in the window behind the soccer goal to find the Intel inside a window.


19. In the apartment office, near where the enemies are first rappelling in from a chopper. It has red walls and blue curtains inside. On the desk is the Intel laptop.

20. In the right-side building of the structure that forms an arch over the road (Has toll booths and whatnot), on a desk directly to the right as the player enters.

21. After the player crosses the bridge, proceed into the second house on the right side of the street. Enter from the front door, and the player goes to his right and up the stairs, then above those stairs is a yellow couch with the Intel on it.

"The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday"

22. In the room after the player kills the guard hanging over the edge taking a smoke, go up the 2 sets of steps and the Intel is on the left side on the metal racks against the wall right before the player goes outside.

23. After executing 'Plan B,' in the room Soap goes into on the right, the Intel is on a metal rack right inside the door.

24. After clearing outside, when the team starts going up the stairs, go in the room to the right, and look under the stairs on some wooden palettes to find the Intel. It's in the room right before the player gets to the final push of this level with the smoke screen.

"The Gulag"

25. As the player's team moves towards the arch with the red light, go to the stone stairs before it, inside the room on the far wall is the Intel sitting on some filing cabinets.

26. On a desk behind the large wall of monitors, the player will encounter it on his/her way through.

27. After the player obtains the riot shield and leaves the room where the player got it, turn left and proceed down the hallway. In the first open cell on the right-side wall is the Intel on a desk.

28. When the player finds prisoner #627, turn left, and the Intel is on the desk.

"Of Their Own Accord"

29. Inside the elevator that keeps trying to close (In the hallway after the player enters the building) to the right of the body sitting inside.

30. In the room with a balcony (Out on the balcony is a missile launcher where the player plant the C4), the player must go left upon entering the room and enter the door straight ahead (Near the portrait of Franklin Pierce) and the Intel is on a table down a small hallway.



31. When the player comes to the three-man patrol standing near the fence, the player must kill them and go over to where they were. The Intel is about ten feet south on a crate.

32. The building labeled "33" along the angled south-west fence houses an Intel item on a metal desk right inside the northern door.

33. Just north of building 33, find the stairs leading to a helipad (Helipad has blue lights on the corners), the Intel is in the northwestern corner.

"Whiskey Hotel"

34. When the player is told to go up the left flank to the building, inside that building after the next door has been opened, the Intel is in the hallway on a couch to the left.

35. After the player goes up the first stairs towards the roof, the Intel is to the right on a crate. This should be about the time when the player sees that the flares are lit.

"Loose Ends"

36. Before entering the house, go out behind it and find the small boat hanger along the shore. The Intel is on a crate outside of it.

37. In the locked room on the top floor of the house, on a desk straight in front of the door.

38. In the nearest locked room in the basement, go into the arms room to the left, straight across from the wall of weapons on a crate.

"The Enemy of My Enemy"

39. Immediately to the players right when the player starts the level, in the front of the plane.

40. After the player slides down out of the plane hull and move across the street and up the hill, look for the plane pointing towards the road. The Intel is inside, near the cockpit.

"Just Like Old Times"

41. As the player enters the tunnels, go left as instructed. After the patrol passes, kill the guard standing at the monitor and go straight across to find the Intel on a crate just to the right of the cave entrance.

42. To the left on a desk right before the player goes outside from the tunnels.

43. After coming across the ridge, in an alcove, on a crate.

44. On the desk with soda cans after the player breaches the room, near where the player's ally is working on the computer.


45. Right at the start, before the player boards the vehicle.


The Road Less Traveled (10 Gamerscore.png/ Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon.png) - Acquired by collecting 22 pieces of enemy intel.

Leave No Stone Unturned (10 Gamerscore.png/ Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon.png) - Acquired by collecting all 45 pieces of enemy intel.

Video Guide


Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 All Intel Locations

Call of Duty: Black Ops

In Call of Duty: Black Ops, intel items return as a collectible. They take the shape of briefcase-sized yellow reel-to-reel tape recorders, and are found throughout the campaign. There are 3 in each level except for "U.S.D.D." (which has none) meaning there are 42 in total. The number of Intel items found on each level can be viewed under the "Intel" option in the Campaign submenu. It lists each level and a count of how many Intel pieces have been found on that level.

An enemy intel in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

As with the other games, Intel items can only be picked up once in a given save file, after which they will not appear on later playthroughs of the level. Gathering all of the intel earns the achievement/trophy Closer Analysis.

"Operation 40"

Main article: Operation 40/Intel

1. Let the convoy past. Head forward and kill all the Tropas. Then head up the stairs and breach the building with Bowman and Woods. The intel is straight ahead on an ammo crate.

2. Kill Castro's Double and meet up with Bowman. When you enter the room with the red flooring, go to the right, until the player passes the large downward staircase. Look to the right for a bedroom. The intel is on the dresser to the far left of the bed.

3. After rappelling down the hill, the player will enter a hangar. The intel will be at the top of the stairs to the player's left.


Main article: Vorkuta/Intel

4. After Reznov orders Sergei to open the arms locker, follow Reznov up the stairs. When the player reaches the 2nd floor, turn to the left where Reznov stands, and to the right.The intel will be located next to a old radio.

5. After Sergei is killed, run to the right of the building and pass the doorway. To the left of that room, there's a table with a bunch of radios. The intel is also there.

6. Before going on the motorcycles, turn around and go into the room in front of the player. On the left, there'll be a set of shelves on a rack. The intel is on the bottom shelf.

"Executive Order"

Main article: Executive Order/Intel

7. This intel is located on the 3rd floor of the comms building. It is under the four T.Vs.

8. This intel piece is in the far left corner of the rockets control room.

9. In the underground tunnels, there is another comms room. The intel is located under a window.


Main article: S.O.G./Intel

10. On a crate near the backwall in the area with three tanks the player must destroy.

11. In a bunker at the middle of the downhill where the Marines are pinned down.

12. After killing the NVA soldier that is about to kill Woods, the intel is found in the bunker in a corner to the right after passing the burning log.

"The Defector"

Main article: The Defector/Intel

13. After finding Reznov, there is a tiny room in the hallway to the right. The intel is on the desk in there.

14. At the second corner of the street, head straight into a building to find the intel.

15. When defending the LZ, the intel is in a building to the left that has a hole in it.


Main article: Numbers/Intel

16. At the beginning, head to the little corner of the room to find the intel.

17. After having the conversation where Steiner is, slide down the roof and the intel should be behind the gate.

18. After Clarke dies, jump down four times and the intel should be on some garbage.

"Project Nova"

Main article: Project Nova/Intel

19. After going to the first objective where Steiner is suspected to be, it is in the second room on the second floor. Turn right when entering the room, and the intel is on the table.

20. Somewhat near number 19, the next one is located in a hangar with a rocket, as well as a few Nazi troops that try to surrender. The intel is located in the small room on a table near the wall.

21. At the part where the player must run off the ship in 2 minutes, the last intel in this level is located next to the stairs that lead to the upper deck of the boat.

"Victor Charlie"

Main article: Victor Charlie/Intel

22. After the player executes the two VC with Woods, the intel is located in the next room. Turn left when entering the room, and the intel is in the corner.

23. The next intel is found in a small hut straight from the small wooden bridge, after the player detonates the C4.

24. After Reznov executes the VC in the rat tunnel with a knife, the player should see another path to the left. Go there, and after a while the intel is on the right side.

"Crash Site"

Main article: Crash Site/Intel

25. Before entering the boat in the beginning, the intel is found on a box to the left.

26. After getting off the boat and entering the land, the intel is located on the ground.

27. When the player is entering the crashed plane, after jumping off the wing and on the boulder, the intel is in front of the boulder.


Main article: WMD (mission)/Intel

28. After the player enters the barracks, the intel is on a filing cabinet on the lower ground, next to the stairs.

29. After breaching the comm room, the intel can be found in a small room before going downstairs.

30. The last intel is found on one of the desks with explosive-rigged barrels in the large hangar, before the dialogue with Steiner.


Main article: Payback (Black Ops)/Intel

31. Near the beginning of the level, when the player comes to the large open cavern with separating paths, look to the right to find the intel on metal shelves.

32. Before hijacking the Hind, the intel is located on a table with a radio, next to the tent.

33. After talking to Reznov and following him to fight the soldiers, the intel is over on the left of that area, on a box under the yellow light.


Main article: Rebirth/Intel

34. After the player assassinates the enemy in the beginning of the level with the Tomahawk and drags him to the elevator, the intel is found on the left in front of the crates.

35. During the last battle as Mason in the circular room, the intel is found in the center. The player must be quick enough in order to get the intel, because if the pipe above the cages takes hits, the doors to the intel will close and the player must restart the last checkpoint. The player will also die to Nova 6 expose if he is inside when the doors close.

36. During the Nova 6 part, the intel is found in a house to the right when the player reaches the end of the second street.


Main article: Revelations/Intel

37. After the player comes to the four-way, turn left and the intel is found on top of a vending machine.

38. After the player sees the numbers 132 3 on the wall and the player is supposed to turn left, turn right and towards the end of the hallway the intel is in a trash bin.

39. Before the player goes to the hallway where Hudson catches up to him, the intel is found on a desk in the room.


Main article: Redemption/Intel

40. Before the player grabs the Valkyrie Rockets, turn around and go towards the container on the right. The intel is under the container door on the right side.

41. In the second room inside the ship, the intel is under the desk that the player sees when entering the room.

42. Before engaging Dragovich, the intel is located in a room opposite of the player's objective. The intel is under the desks.


When a piece of Intel has been found, it can be viewed in the main menu. Each piece of intel will un-censor a portion of a classified document, which can reveal otherwise unknown back-story; to begin with, the documents are completely blacked out.


Closer Analysis (15 Gamerscore.png/ Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon.png) - Find all intel.

Video Guide


Call of Duty Black Ops Intel Location Guide by Vii 007 (BO Gameplay Commentary)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

An enemy intel laptop in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

The Intel returns in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, as shown in E3 Demo Gameplay. It is now a black laptop with a blue screen as opposed to the green ones found in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. There are 46 of them, scattered through every mission.


Act I

"Black Tuesday"

1. Inside the apartment building, to the right of the crashed helicopter, there is a bedroom. The intel is at the foot of the bed.

2. After descending the steps leading into the store, the intel is on a desk underneath the staircase.

3. After entering the lobby of the stock exchange, the intel is located on the left side.

4. The intel is located on a circular desk on the southwest corner of the exchange floor, near an upwards staircase.

5. After the objective changes to planting a thermite charge on the signal jammer, the right side of the rooftop has a table with the intel on it.

"Hunter Killer"

6. After taking out the first two hostiles found inside the sub, the intel is located in the far right corner of the room on a bunk bed.

7. Once on the upper walkway, the intel is located in the southwestern corner opposite of where a charge is to be placed on a door.

"Persona Non Grata"

8. As soon as the player gets down to the courtyard, look for a small alcove to the right, on the north end.

9. As the player heads down the street, look for an open house to the right before the street turns west. Inside one of the smaller rooms on an end table the player will find the intel.

10. Soon after the player goes through the trapdoor to get to the UGV, look behind the large shipping crate.

11. As soon as the player is done with the UGV and has to get to the helicopter, the player should look for a playground slide to the left as they leave the building.


12. After the zero-g sequence, head down the stairs straight to the dead end and turn right. The intel is on the kitchen counter.

13. Fairly soon after the plane crashes the player will come upon a fallen tree that the player must leap over. As soon as the player does, the player should check the ground in front of him.

"Back on the Grid"

14. After the player jumps down from his sniper perch to rally with his team, the player should dash into the factory that they were searching. This intel is in the back corner.

15. At the point where the player meets up with his team, the street turns to the left. The player should go down the street until the player spots a hut on the left which can be entered. Inside on a crate

16. This piece of intel is on a table at the back of the church.

"Mind the Gap"

17. Enter the building across from the locked door, turn left, and look for the intel on a crate.

18. Before (or after) opening the truck doors, run to the building to the northeast. The player will find stairs leading up to a catwalk. Follow this path until the player can enter the building and check the desk for some intel.

19. As soon as the player gets to the top of the first escalator, look for a newsstand in front of the player. The intel is on the ground behind the counter.

Act II


20. As soon as the player gets to the street, look for a crashed plane to the north. The intel is in the cockpit.

21. When the street turns to the south, continue west and look behind a short brick wall in the southwest corner of the map.

22. After the player finds the convoy, the player and his squad will enter another building. As soon as the player does, check the cubicles on the right for the third intel item.

"Return to Sender"

23. Soon after the first go at the remote chopper turret, the player should look for a ladder to his left leading into the south building. The intel is on a desk on the second floor.

24. Check the back left corner of the room that the player breaches.

25. Once the countdown begins and the player is rushing to the secondary LZ, when the player sees the car on fire being pushed down, the player should look for a very small building on his right (the eastern edge of the map). The intel is on a table inside.

"Bag and Drag"

26. On the second floor of the bookstore, check the windowsills on the western wall.

27. On a coffee table in the back-room lounge of the “Café de Paris.”

28. In the Catacombs, after the player gets hit with a flashbang, check the south end of the room before pursuing Volk.

29. Perhaps the easiest to find, this intel is stares the player right in the face soon after the player climbs out of the catacombs, just before the player heads back onto the street.

"Iron Lady"

30. After the player snipes the machine gunner, the player should drop into the courtyard and enter the greenhouse on his left. Ascend the staircase inside to find intel.

31. Right after the player uses the Javelin to take out the second tank, the player should look for a bus on the left side of the bridge. The intel is inside.

"Eye of the Storm"

32. The player will follow Soap into a hotel lobby and be told to wait. The player can find intel on the counter.

33. As soon as stealth goes out the window, look for a table umbrella with the word “Prague” on it, just south of the statue.

"Blood Brothers"

34. When Price picks up Soap, and tells the player to cover them both, clear the room and check the far right corner for this chapter’s only intel



35. After the player steps outside, the player will climb some stone steps and enter another room where several enemies will be waiting. The player will know that he is in the right spot when Price says “don’t slow down now.” In the small corner room to the northwest the player will find this intel.

36. Clear out the courtyard and follow Price up the steps to the second level. Head for the southernmost building to find this intel on a small crate.

"Scorched Earth"

37. When the player enters the building at the start of the chapter, go up the stairs and turn right. Clear the office of enemies, then check the first desk along the windows to the player's left.

38. After the player destroys the tanks with the A-10 Thunderbolt, but before the player rappels down the building, check the fence along the east side of the roof. There is a piece of intel on the other side, facing away from the player, so it may be hard to spot. If the player is facing the back of the giant blue Reisdorf sign, turn to the right and walk towards the red and white tower next to the Reisdorf sign. now walk to the right and walk towards the rappel point. STOP at the top of the short flight of stairs, turn to the player's left. The Intel should be right there facing away from the player.

39. After the player rappels, head down the street towards the player's objective. The player will notice a bookstore on his right. The player should enter the store and check the counter for this Intel.

40. As soon as the friendly tanks roll in, turn right down the street and enter the first building on the player's left. The Intel is inside.

41. Once the objective becomes “get to the roof” the player's squad mate will kick open a door leading to a stairwell. Check under the stairs on a couch for this intel.

"Down the Rabbit Hole"

42. When the player gets to the large room with the high catwalks, look for an office on the left side. The Intel is on a file cabinet in that office.

43. Right after the player breaches the room to rescue the president, turn around and round the corner to find Intel on top of a barrel.

"Dust to Dust"

44. After the player reaches the top of the right escalator, you must turn around and go the back of the 2nd floor. It will be sitting on top of a bar counter to the left near a group of civilians.

45. Look for a room with a Poker table, after the player leaves the elevator. Follow Yuri if the player cannot find it. It should be sitting on a poker table.

46. Turn right when the player walk into the restaurant right about when Makarov is spotted. It should be sitting on a table.


Informant (20 Gamerscore.png/ Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon.png) - Collect 22 Intel items.

Scout Leader (35 Gamerscore.png/ Silver Trophy Silver Trophy PS3 icon.png) - Collect all 46 Intel items.

Video Guide


Modern Warfare 3 - All Intel Locations (Scout Leader Trophy Achievement Guide)

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Intel found in the modern missions.

There are 33 pieces of Intel in the game. The flashback missions' intel reuse the intel skin from the first game and the modern missions use a new skin. The intels do not provide any information like Black Ops; however, each mission has a challenge that requires players to collect all three pieces of intel.


Pyrrhic Victory

Intel 1: There will be an upturned buffel to the right after Mason gets off his own buffel. The Intel is in a crater to the right of it.

Intel 2: It is found in a corner on the upper deck.

Intel 3: There will be several watchtowers at the end of the level. Just before the waterfall, there will be two watchtowers on the right side. The Intel is found on the rightmost one.


Intel 1: Once you fight your way up the hill, the player will come to a helipad. Stay to the left on the helipad following the wall. There will be a room on the player left with the intel inside.

Intel 2: Once the player enters the underground facility, in the main room on the left is an office. The intel is sitting on a desk.

Intel 3: After the player frees Erik from the box and defeat the intruders, there is a room opposite the room that contains the Celerium. The intel is in here.

Old Wounds

Intel 1: Once inside the war room in the cave there will be a cut scene and everybody runs off to fight, look to the right. The intel is right against the wall.

Intel 2: While back riding on the player's horse, there is a large pointy rock formation, with a red flag around the bottom of it. The intel is next to the flag.

Intel 3: After fighting off the enemies inside of the weapon cache, cross the near by bridge and there is another cave containing the third piece of intel.

Time and Fate

Intel 1: Go to the end of the barn filled with horses. There will be a wagon filled with hay on the right. The intel is in the back of the wagon.

Intel 2: While attacking the mansion, there is a bell tower on the right. Climb up two ladders and the intel is on this floor.

Intel 3: While inside of the cocaine room follow the left side of the room, the intel is sitting on a bench.

Fallen Angel

Intel 1: Inside the starting room, look across to the right, and the intel is sitting on some shelves.

Intel 2: After the player dodges the bus and enter the side alley, there is a small alleyway on the right with an ammo crate. The intel can be seen next to the crate.

Intel 3: Once the player sneaks past the patrolling drones, the intel is laying in some rubble straight ahead.


Intel 1: While inside the server room, the intel is on the right side, towards the back corner.

Intel 2: Once inside the mall, there is a store called d'HO. The intel is on the counter in the back of the store.

Intel 3: After passing the inside of the mall, the player will enter into a large open area with various rocks and trees. Following the right side of the map, the intel is on the far side of a desk, somewhat close to the final set of stairs.

Suffer With Me

Intel 1: After the player drops down from the catwalk, the player will come across a staircase that goes down. To the left of the staircase is a bunch or shelves.

Intel 2: While escorting Noriega through the slums, near a red building labeled "Gran Fans Herramientas" and a church, there is a building with a hole blown in the side. The intel is inside of the building.

Intel 3: When inside the clinic, follow down the hallway straight ahead. The intel is on a table.

Achilles' Veil

Intel 1: In the courtyard at the beginning, on the right side is a staircase into a small tower. The intel is up the first flight of stairs.

Intel 2: Once the player switches characters, the player will follow an alley way, and be told to take the left path. There is a building with a enemy shooting from the window. The intel is in this room behind some crates.

Intel 3: Once out of the town and following the cliffside, there is a white building. The intel is on the roof of this building.


Intel 1: On the right side of the bridge, the intel is sitting on the computer console.

Intel 2: After finding Briggs and the virus on the computer, the player will head down to the hanger. Before going down to the hangar, there is a room full of computers, and a staircase to the right. The intel is up the staircase on a table.

Intel 3: While on the deck, stay on the right side. There will be a VTOL, approximately 63 meters from the player's objective. The intel is sitting on the plane.

Cordis Die

Intel 1: After rappelling down, follow the freeway on the left side, and there will be a police motorcycle and a blown up SUV. The intel is behind this SUV.

Intel 2: After the player gets out of the truck from the driving scene, on the left side in the first building, the intel is sitting on the front counter.

Intel 3: After exiting the area where the player can get a quad drone to assist you if the player had the access kit, enter the shop on the left, follow up the stairs and there is a t-shirt store on the right. The intel is sitting on the bottom shelf.

Judgement Day

Intel 1: This piece of intel is inside of the building labeled '27', on the second floor.

Intel 2: Once inside the building the player will come across the control room. The intel is on the left side on the third row.

Intel 3: There is a circular room with multiple staircases. Follow the staircase down and the intel is on top of a crate.

Video Guide

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

In Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, there are a total of 45 pieces of intel. There are three pieces of intel per level. In Advanced Warfare, they are bluish colored laptops. Like with the Rorke Files in Call of Duty: Ghosts, the player would have to hold down the reload button to collect it. Like in Black Ops, they can review the intel they collected, revealing messages that are recorded by Jonathan Irons. The Power intel and History In the Making Achievement/Trophy are unlocked by collecting half of the intel while the Democracy intel and Ferrum Absconsum Achievement/Trophy are unlocked after collecting all of the intel.

An Intel laptop as it appears in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare



  1. Following the turret defense section against the robotic drones, enter a curved interior building. Stick to the right wall and go upstairs, turning right on the landing. There’s a small bar with a white neon sign. The first intel is on a table in the back corner of the bar.
  2. Leaving the subways, the player will move into a Seoul street. At the forking path, there’s a restaurant with a sign in white and pink text. Go upstairs, then across to the bar where another set of stairs lead up to the third floor. On the third floor landing the player find the intel on the floor near the railing.
  3. Near the end of the mission the player need to collect explosives and move toward an aircraft by fighting across a fountain with a waterfall. Walk behind the waterfall to find a small hidden room where intel is on a table.
"No father should have to lose his son. It goes against the natural order of things. Without our sons, we have no future. I've spent my life fighting stupidity and cowardice for a better world, where good people can prosper and thrive, without fear. I know the cost, I see it every day, and I accept it. But I can't accept this. Will's tragedy can't be for nothing. I'll make sure of that. This is not where it ends, this is where it begins. "
Jonathan Irons


  1. At the start of the mission, move down the hall and breach the room where the President is being held. Once things are clear, turn around and return down the hall. It continues left — after finishing the breach, a door will open. Go inside the bedroom and look in the restroom for the intel.
  2. Following the vehicle ride tour with Irons, the player will be deposited outside a building. Before going inside for repairs, turn right to get a good look at the closed gate. There’s a security station to the right of the gate with another intel inside.
  3. Finishing the grenade training, the player go downstairs into a supply room. At the bottom of the stairs, turn right and look on a shelf to the right of the holographic display where two men are working.
"I checked in on Mitchell today. Gideon is kicking his ass, but he'll get there. He's got a good head on his shoulders and that same determination that Will had. I can see why they were close. The Marines in their infinite wisdom, deemed him unfit for duty. "Can't fight with one arm." Never tell a soldier what he can't do. If anyone deserves a second chance, its guys like Mitchell. Give me an army of men like him and there's nothing Atlas can't do."
Jonathan Irons


  1. Following the slow-motion roof breach, move through the building to the large atrium where plants are in the center. Move to the left offices and look for a photo copier near the window. Next to that, there’s a corner desk with the first intel.
  2. Getting off the main streets the player escape a white vehicle and enter an open-air hotel painted up with dark orange bricks beneath egg shell white. Go up the steps to the left just as the player enters the building’s courtyard. Enter the office down the way to spot two vending machines. Look behind the passage, right next to the machines, to find a hidden intel.
  3. Taking out the technical from behind, the player's team stacks up near a corrugated wall and prepare to climb up. Don’t do it yet, instead look on the wall directly opposite of the climbing objective to spot this intel.
"Lagos - if there were a better example of government ineptitude, I haven't seen it. The KVA walked in like they own the place, like it was their right to take whatever they wanted. Helpless, the officials come to me. They came shocked, that a few well armed men can bring a nation so great, so powerful, to its knees. What sort of men are they, they ask? I tell them they are simply men who are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. Without emotion, without bias. And once you understand this most basic of facts, you have everything you need."
Jonathan Irons


  1. Stepping out of the elevator down inside the ruined facility, turn right then enter the larger room where the “Follow” marker is visible straight ahead. Don’t continue yet. Stop and enter the interior windowed room to the right of the main path. Look behind the shelves, near a fallen table next to a glowing blue monitor display.
  2. Finishing up the drone control section, the player will need to move through a curved turbine room. Look under the platform between the first and second turbine. The intel is on some generator unit-looking things behind the pipes.
  3. Leaving through the massive open vault door, the player reach a garage with stairs leading down. Don’t go downstairs yet, look on the catwalk to the right and follow the path to a spool of metal with the intel.
"Above ground nuclear power facilities have been a tactical hazard since their inception. In 2048 Atlas submitted a lengthy report to the Defense Department on the security risks. I guess they didn't like the findings because they buried the report. I think they gave us the security contract just to shut us up. But that's not why I accepted the job. I took the contract because Atlas would give the tax payer the best return on their buck. We spent millions on concrete reinforcements, we built anti-aircraft defenses, but what is our greatest achievement? Eliminating human error. You can build your defenses as strong as you like but the human race is the weakest link in any system. When an attack does come - and I no doubt it will - then mark my words, it will be because someone has left the door unlocked. You can't protect what you can't control."
Jonathan Irons


  1. Falling into the dark basement, the player need to move down a dark hall and turn right. Instead, turn left to spot the intel.
  2. Leaving the school through the fire escape, the player drop down and spot a modular command building to the left. Go inside and enter the second section office to get the intel.
  3. Past the section where the player's team uses a vehicle for cover, enter a ruined interior where an ambush hits the olayer with flash grenades. In this lobby, enter the door to the left behind the reception desk. Swing around the glass wall to find the intel.
"Leaders lead. Success or failure comes down to the choices we make. Capturing Doctor Danois and bringing him to justice would be a decisive step forward in the hunt for Hades. But what purpose does it serve to prosecute this man for his crimes if we can use him to prevent future crimes against humanity. Hundreds, maybe thousands have been killed by this mans experiments, but what if the results could benefit humanity and save lives? Is it wrong to put that knowledge to good use, regardless of how it as obtained? It's only right that we respect the dead. What better way to honor them than to give the meaning to their demise? Scientific data exists outside any moral framework. It's a resource that can be exploited for good or bad, the choice is ours. But to choose to do nothing with it is no choice at all. It is to accept that innocent people died for nothing. "
Jonathan Irons


  1. Inside the safehouse, there’s an enemy using a terminal near the balcony door. Put him down, then go outside to find the intel on a bench opposite of a table covered with playing cards.
  2. Fighting down the alleys in the middle of the mission, the player will eventually reach an area where the road forks. Between the two roads is a building’s door with a blue awning. Take the left path down to find stairs leading up through a door on the left. Look in an open door to the left of exterior stairs. Go upstairs and go through the first door on the right. There’s an ammo crate on the bed, and intel on the floor behind the bed.
  3. Near the end of the mission where the player needs to acquire an anti-air missile, leave through the chic white/orange restaurant, sticking to the left boundary of the level, to reach a smaller blue-hued boutique. Behind the register counter is the intel.
"A mission of this scale is a serious endeavor in the best of circumstances. Operating in the middle of a busy tourist destination is, without doubt, extremely risky. But the risk is the key to our success. Hades has gambled on our humanity. No government can survive the public outcry if hundreds of innocent tourists are killed in a botched mission, Hades knows this. But we're not the government and our power does not come from popular mandate. The government could of stopped us, the United Nations could have stopped us, but they didn't. Why? Because they think I stepped into my own trap. They've seen what Atlas can do and they know how powerful Atlas has become. They're afraid, more afraid of me than they are of Hades. With the KVA on the run who is left to disrupt their status quo? They look at us and instead of seeing our success, they see a threat. Someone too powerful to control, too powerful to stop, and so they've gambled on our failure. An they're right to be afraid. Failure's not an option for us. As long as we deliver Hades' head on a stick, no one will want to stop us. They'll want to follow us."
Jonathan Irons


  1. Inside the Atlas building, turn around just as the mission starts and look on the reception desk.
  2. During the escape sequence, stay on the ground floor and stick on the left side of the alley. Past the first construction scaffolding, the player will reach a second scaffolding ramp. Look to the left for a curved sign and a door in the corner. Go inside and look on a table in the center.
  3. On the rooftops with the automated container shipping railings, zip up to the building with a blue empty pool. To the right of the pool, there’s a windowed room. Shoot out the windows and look in the back-corner to get the intel.
"If you want to sell people on your vision - show them. They call this part of the world the Cradle of civilization. For ten thousand years, it was the centre of trade and culture. Home to kings, caliphates, despots and dictators. The first images of war I ever saw came from this place. Two wars in two decades with nothing much to show for it. I saw how wars quickly became quagmires if not prosecuted effectively. If ever there was somewhere that represented the utter failure of governance, Baghdad was it. While our leaders left this place to its fate, I took this as an opportunity to seize our destiny. Fifty years of rot and we rebuilt it in five. Now, New Baghdad is more than just a thriving city, it's a symbol of what's to come."
Jonathan Irons


  1. Setting the EMP and dropping into the dark structure, move into the office straight ahead and look on the desk to the left. It’s just to the left of the objective marker.
  2. Inside the large study with the fireplace, Cormack will kill an enemy before stepping up to the wood desk. Look on the counter to the left of the desk objective to get this intel.
  3. Inside the warehouse area, Cormack grapples up onto some crate shelves. Don’t grapple up yet, look to the right of the grapple point and crouch to enter the space where an intel collectible is hidden.
"On days like these, it's hard to remember what progress looks like. Billions of dollars, years of research. The human body is not a machine that we can simply rebuild. Tissue damage takes time to heal, cells take time to grow, we're mortal creatures and time is never our friend. We've successfully accelerated the growth process, but the cells are unable to sustain themselves after a certain period. Nevertheless, Danois continues to be a valuable asset. Without Danois, Manticore would've died at the developmental stage."
Jonathan Irons


  1. Right at the start of the mission the player will need to look in the wrecked crates. Pass the burning airplane engines and look in an alcove formed by several crates forming a general “U”-shape with the intel inside. There’s a grenade launcher on a horizontal crate right next to the intel.
  2. Entering the ice caves, enemies will rappel down onto a high cliff on the right to get a good view of the player's position. There’s a lower rock platform on the right, with the right-most shooter standing next to the intel. It’s clearly visible from the cavern entrance.
  3. In the open ice-y fields late in the mission, the player will gain an anti-air missile and find a crashed aircraft wreck in the snow. Look around the exterior of the wreck to find this intel.
"Disloyalty. There is no greater crime, there is no punishment harsh enough. They must have recruited Mitchell. I saw something in him, something you rarely see in a man. A leader, something of myself maybe. A man who can follow blindly yet still think for himself. Will had to strike out on his own. Disloyal? I used to think so, but maybe I was wrong. I like to think that Will would've come back into the fold, given time."
Jonathan Irons

Bio Lab

  1. Right as the player is able to start moving, inside a rickety wooden shack, turn around and look left of the entrance-way.
  2. Complete the upload in the facility before moving on to a series of rooms with a scientific fixture in the center. The path splits left and right — enter the room on the right and turn left to find the intel on a cabinet near the interior center windows.
  3. Moving upstairs toward the hangar, the player run past a tree on the left and enter a room with red emergency lights and a locked room behind glass on the player's right. Smash the glass to jump inside and look on a shelf in the back.
"In order for a butterfly to be born, a caterpillar must die. At a certain point, imaginal cells are triggered in the caterpillar's DNA, and these cells remain dormant but once activated they suddenly behave like a cancer, aggressively attacking the healthy cells. The cancer cells grow and the caterpillar is eventually destroyed, but the cancerous cells become the basis of a new life form, a butterfly; and so, the cycle continues. So cruel, yet so beautiful. Our greatest advances can equally lead to our destruction. Manticore is the fork in the road. One path leads to death, a weapon more powerful than anything before it. And the other, to life, the regeneration of human cells. The conquest of death itself. Immortality."
Jonathan Irons


  1. After escaping the car crash on the bridge, move along the left side of the ride until the player reachs a black four-door car crashed into a yellow sport. Look in the open passenger-side door to get the intel.
  2. Past the “Sledgehammer”/"Biofuel" (last-gen) tanker, jump onto the cop cars to reach the landing on the “Downtown SF” digital sign. There’s a metal platform on the back with the intel.
  3. Moving toward the end of the mission, stick to the left side of the bridge and pass a white bus. Across the railing there’s a crate with the laptop. It’s right before reaching the helicopter parked on the bridge.
"You can turn anything into a weapon, it just takes imagination. Some of the most successful military campaigns succeeded simply because no one ever imagined it was possible. If you're planning to take out the most powerful naval force on the planet, forget about doing it in the open water, strike from the depths of the ocean or strike before it's even had a chance to leave port. By collapsing the bridge on the fleet I will accomplish two things. the first is strategic: disabling the U.S. Third fleet; the second, symbolic. For a century, the Golden Gate Bridge has stood for U.S. technological innovation and might. Destroy a powerful symbol of strength, and you turn it into an even more powerful symbol of weakness. Make the adversary fell weak and they will become weak."
Jonathan Irons


  1. On the large ship where the player needs to set two charges, head straight for the burned hole beneath the command tower. Jump in through the hole, marked with open flames, and turn right into the hallway. Reaching the main room with the terminals build beneath the windows, look directly to the right as the player enters.
  2. Moving through the hangar catwalks, move down the right metal path to enter a building through the open doorway. Just to the right is a smaller terminal room with the intel inside.
  3. On the bridge of the ship, just look on the holographic briefing table in the center before approaching the player's teammates.
"A cowardly act of terrorism? Who the hell are they kidding? I went up against the largest naval fleet to ever sail the oceans with a small company of highly skilled and highly motivated special operatives and won! They can spin it a thousand different ways but the images speak for themselves. Cowardly? No, I stand by my actions. Terrorism? Most certainly. If your actions do not inspire fear and terror in the hearts of your adversaries, then you have no business waging war."
Jonathan Irons


  1. When you crash and a gunfight begins, move forward and jump onto the raised terrace with glass railings. Move past the green containers to a large black wall. To the right of the wall, past an advertisement sign, is a bench with the intel.
  2. Entering a large area with turrets and a white overpass snaking to the left, head down the street to the right instead. Cross the street and go upstairs to reach a modular tent. Don’t go into the tent, just go up the stairs, then look up. There’s a grapple point on the white building with planters built into different levels. Zip up to that grapple point, then look up and right. Climb up once, then a second and third time to find the intel.
  3. Near the end of the level the player will need to kill a heavy soldier in a mech suit then collect an anti-air missile launcher. Don’t collect the weapon, instead head a little bit further own the sky-walk and look on the benches to the left. It’s about in the center of the bridge.
"The attack came as I predicted it would. In forcing them to react, they reacted foolishly because they are powerless to respond in any other way. An affront to their power is an affront to the very existence, of their show of strength, might and resolve, will merely expose their complete impotence. Power? They have no real power! They have propaganda, they have resources. They have committees and budgets, votes and vetoes, propositions and tabled amendments. All useless. Tomorrow, if we wake up at all, we will wake up to a new dawn, And that's where the real work begins."
Jonathan Irons


  1. Moving upstairs and going into the room marked “R4″ look for a door past two surrendering civilians. Go inside and look in the back corner.
  2. Pulling open the laboratory doors with Gideon, Gideon takes care of the doctor — look left of the pried open double doors to get this intel drop.
  3. After a dramatic rescue, a heavy exo-suit soldier will die. Before the player enters his suit, turn around to find a tricky intel on a desk right behind the player.
"This moment has been years in the making. Billions of dollars, the years of research, the setbacks and scientific breakthroughs. Many doubted that this day would come but it has arrived. The genie is out of the bottle, Manticore exceeded all expectations and performed beautifully. Even now, having seen it with my own eyes, it feels like a miracle. I walked completely untouched as hundreds of enemy combatants lay dying all around me, struck down on the battlefield where they fought. Every man has a unique DNA, a code that is his and his alone, just as each man's destiny is his and his alone. Whoever controls Manticore controls the destiny of mankind. Nothing and nobody can stand in our way."
Jonathan Irons


  1. Inside the heavy suit, the player will move through darkly yellow-hued hallways. The objective marker points left into a brightly lit hall. Don’t go that way, instead continue forward into the inky black passage straight ahead. Turn right to find the intel on a counter in the very dark room.
  2. Entering the silo chamber, take the first stairs down on the left and go through the double open doorways. This floor is marked “7″ — smash the glass, enter the hall and look in the first room on the player's left.
  3. Near the end of the game, the player will have to fight multiple heavy exo-suits before the player's partner kicks down the locked double doors. He’ll turn right and enter futuristic curved hallways marked with “5″ — don’t go that way. Instead continue straight (or left if the player facing the “5″ halls) and grab the last intel in the security office near the window.
"The enemy is at our gate, but we will never let them win. What I started will continue whether I'm here to see it or not. I'm merely an agent for change, guiding us towards our shared destiny. Our children will live to see the end of terror, of famine, of oppression and brutality. A world where all necessities will be provided, a world free from the tyranny of government, of artificial differences and false beliefs. A world united under one flag."
Jonathan Irons


History In the Making (15 Gamerscore.png/ Bronze TrophyBronze Trophy PS3 icon.png) - Collect over half of the Intel.

Ferrum Absconsum (30 Gamerscore.png/ Silver TrophySilver Trophy PS3 icon.png) - Collect all the Intel.

Video Guide


  • In the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 mission "Mind the Gap", the intel is divided between sections of the mission. At the start of the mission, the pause menu will say 0/2 intel, and after the train crashes under the subway it will 0/1, for a total of three intel located in the mission.
  • It is not required to complete the level in order to obtain the intel, except in Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Call Of Duty: Black Ops.
  • In the intel for "Crash Site", in the second paragraph of the document on the left, there is an "Apocalypse Now" reference.
  • The modern intel in Call of Duty: Black Ops II appear to have the Mercs' insignia on them.
  • Intel from flashbacks in Call of Duty: Black Ops II appear to be tape records, whereas modern intel is a tablet.
  • The cheat "A Bad Year" is likely a reference to the Goodyear tire company, as the effect of the cheat turns killed enemies into tires.
  • Collecting all the intel in Advanced Warfare earns player the achievement Ferrum Absconsum, meaning Iron Secrets, referring to Jonathan Irons' recorded messages found in the intel.
  • A part of the Democracy intel is in the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Reveal Trailer.
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