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For the collectibles, see Intel.

Intel is a map in Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified.


The layout of the map is very similar to Grid from Call of Duty: Black Opsexcept it is missing some of the areas. The map is overall mostly only suited for close-range weapons like shotguns and submachine guns, but assault rifles can be used effectively as well.

The center building in the map hosts the most activity; both the ground floor and top floor have activity, but the top floor overall has the most. Often, players will enter from the staircase that goes from the downstairs floor to the upstairs floor, but the other entrances are common places for players to enter from as well. The staircase to the left side (when entering from the staircase that goes from the bottom floor to the top) is more common of a place to see players enter from than the one on the opposite side of the building, however. Bouncing Betties are commonly placed on the staircase that goes between the top and bottom floors, due to how common it is to see players go this way.

Despite the center building being a hotspot, there is still a good chance of players being at other places of the map. Still, the center building is usually where players first head for.


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