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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.
For a similar map in core playlists, see Interchange.

"Four buildings circle a large cross street, encouraging players to dig in and fight it out across the map. Race out into the open and expect to quickly come under fire. Stick to the interior, protect your position with ground explosives, and book it when the enemy starts pushing toward you location."
— Overview

Intersection is a Face Off map set in Brooklyn, New York City.


The map is very small and is not suited for sniper rifles and other long-ranged weapons. ARs, SMGs and sometimes shotguns work well on this map. It was released for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 as part of Content Pack 6. The map has been available for Call of Duty ELITE subscribers on the Xbox 360 since June 19, 2012. PS3 elite subscribers received Intersection on July 19, 2012.




  • Internally this map is referred to as "Crosswalk", suggesting a pre-release name.
  • If the player goes into the studio apartment above the pizza shop and look out the window into the apartment above the movie theater, a teddy bear can be seen sitting in an armchair.
  • Some buildings can only be entered via spectator mode if the glass has been broken beforehand. Meanwhile, the windows of the barber shops cannot be broken.
  • In the library area of the map, shelves labelled "Books for Short People" and "Books for Tall People" can be seen.
  • Inside one of the stores opposite the lane facing the bridge, a calendar with a Modern Warfare 2 Juggernaut can be seen.
  • A building next to the basketball court has a spraypaint say "M3W Roll the Dice" refering to Modern Warfare 3