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"Lets head up to the controls and shut down their communication."
— Col. O'Leary

Intervention is the third mission in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Nintendo DS). Just like the mission "Crew Expendable" from the console and PC version, the objective is to infiltrate the enemy ship and recover any nuclear devices found.



The player will spawn at the back of the ship as Bravo 9. The player and another SAS member go upstairs, fight off Ultranationalists, and take out the navigation system. After that Bravo 9 and another SAS member are ordered to go plant C4 on the communication tower. Bravo 9 and the other SAS member are attacked by a Mi-24. The player can run away or there is an RPG-7 that can be used to shoot it down. After the player either shoots the Helicopter down or runs away, the player will fight some more Ultranationalists and then plant the C4. Then, the SAS team intercepts a transmission about two armed charges on board the ship, the player is ordered to disarm them. After doing this, the player must go down into the cargo hold and fight their way to the nuke. Once the player has gotten to the nuke, other SAS team members show up and order the player to go to the Captain's quarters and retrieve the ship's manifest. On the way back from the Captain's quarters, the player is ordered to plant a charge in the engine room. Then, SAS team members can be heard shouting that they are under heavy fire. Then the SAS team members shout that the enemy is taking the nuke. When the player gets back to the hold, they can can see a Russian Mi-24 airlifting the nuke out of the hold.

Weapon LoadoutEdit

Starting Loadout

Trivia Edit

  • If the player were to attempt to enter the cargo hold before defusing both explosive charges, they would end up going underneath the map.
  • The M2 Browning Machine Gun located by the helipad can only move up and down, as it was meant to be destroyed by the forklift.
  • Using the RPG-7 in this mission causes the player's character model to change, as seen on the characters sleeves changing from black to arctic style.
  • There is a little mistake at the start of the game where Col. O'Leary says to head up to the controls and shut down their communication but the objective says to take out the ship's navigation system. And it is only later in the mission, the player is supposed to destroy the communication tower.


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