Nikolai Badanov, Dimitriy Petrov and Fyodor Belinki move out in their T-34.

Petrov: Okay, Lieutenant, we have our orders. Get us to the train station.

They move into a building.

Petrov: We'll have to cross Red Square before we get to the train station. Keep your eyes open. It's a damn bloodbath in there.

They exit the building and approach the Red Square.

Petrov: Take out those machine gunners in that building!

The tank crew takes out the machine gunners.

Petrov: Forward! We have them on the run!

Panzers enter the Square.

Petrov: Panzers entering far side of the Square!

The Red Army soldiers and tanks manage to fight off the Germans in the Square.

Petrov: We've retaken the Square. Let's keep moving.

They continue to move through the city of Stalingrad and pass through a building.

Petrov: We're almost there, sir. The train station is just around the corner.

The tank approaches the train station.

Petrov: That's it! The train station! Take out that door so we can get inside!

If the player waits.

Petrov: Get us through those doors, we're too exposed out here!

They take out the Germans outside and enter the station.

Petrov: German infantry on balcony!

They clear the station.

Petrov: All right, we're in. Get out and take that radio up to our spotters, I'll stay with the tank.

Badanov exits the tank and approaches Zakhar Ivanov and Vanya.

Ivanov: Is that the new radio? Good, the spotters are in the tower, but this place is crawling with Germans. We'll have to fight our way through, room by room.

If the player doesn't breach immediately.

Ivanov: On your signal.

Badanov, Ivanov and Vanya move through the building and reach a room with Anna Posadskaya inside, who is treating wounded soldiers.

Posadskaya: Welcome, Lieutenant. Help yourself to whatever you need. Those bombers have been shaking this building all day.

A wall to the right blows and Germans attack from it, but the Russian soldiers take them out.

Posadskaya: That door should take you to the roof. You'll find the observation deck on the other side. Good luck.

The three men enter through the hole in the wall, go upstairs and cross a small bridge to the observation deck. Konstantin Bagramyan opens the door.

Bagramyan: Oh thank you, the new radio. I'll take it from here, Lieutenant.

He takes the radio.

Bagramyan: That column of German armor is about to move! We need to relay firing coordinates now!

He adjusts the radio's dials.

Bagramyan: New target: firing point bravo, angle: 78 degrees, range: 100 meters. Confirm, over.

The man on the other radio confirms, and the soldiers in the observation deck watch as the explosions hit panzers on railroad tracks.

Bagramyan: Yes! Take that! Direct hit! That armored column is a junkyard now! Thank you, Lieutenant. This has been one hell of a day.