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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)
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"Into the Furnace" is the fourteenth and final campaign level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.



With the intel gathered back from Barkov's residence, Price and Garrick go back to Urzikstan to ask Farah for her help. Despite initial distrust among them, Price tells her about Hadir's plan to destroy Barkov's gas factory in Georgia. Farah is initially hesitant because she doesn't want to go across borders to invade. However, after Price hands over the intel, Farah agrees to join them, confident that with no ties with the West, the Russians will blame the attack on terrorists.

With the plan set, Price, Garrick, Alex, and Farah with her militia, and with assistance from a US APC and drone, advance through the hills. Facing tough resistance from Barkov's Forces, the team manages to get close to the factory. However, as they get close enough to the factory, Barkov's forces manage to destroy the APC, which forces the group to spread out. Barkov sends reinforcements and helicopters to eliminate them but they are killed by combined arms and the drone strike.

As the team manages to reach the entry of the factory, Alex and Farah choose to fight through the factory to rendezvous with Nikolai, while Price and Garrick advance to the pipeline. Inside the factory, the team fights another wave of Barkov's army and reach the parking lot, where Nikolai is waiting with the charges. Upon reaching Nikolai, he gives Alex and the militia the charges to blow the factory. When Farah asks Nikolai why he's helping them, he says that Barkov is a stain on his country.

After taking the charges, the team goes back into the factory to plant it. They are ambushed by more of Barkov's men, killing some of the militia. However Alex manages to take them out. The team moves away from the turbine room but, as Alex is about to open the door, a juggernaut blasts open the door, causing Alex to be thrown back and damage the detonator. Facing the juggernaut, Alex has to get around the turbine room to flank him, eventually killing him. The team advances towards the furnace to plant the charge.

After reaching the furnace, Alex tells Farah about the malfunctioning detonator; one of them has to sacrifice themselves to blow the factory. Alex and Farah then argue over who will plant the charge. Farah initially volunteers to plant the charge but Alex reminds her that she can't blow the factory and kill Barkov afterwards. He convinces her that he will do it because this is a mission he finally believes in. Ultimately, she hands him the detonator and allows Alex to plant the charges. As Alex enters the furnace, Farah walks away.

Meanwhile, Price and Garrick face heavy resistance on their way to the pipeline from remainder of Barkov's forces. They manage to eliminate them and advance to the pipelines. After Garrick plants the charge on one of the pipes, they see Barkov's helicopter flying away above them. Price asks Farah and Nikolai for their whereabouts.

Meanwhile in the helicopter, Barkov is angrily requesting a communication line to Moscow. Farah, who manages to slip into his helicopter by hiding behind the crates, approaches the General from behind with her knife in hand. She stabs his shoulder with the knife. Despite Barkov fighting back, she manages to overpower him and stab his stomach. Knocked down, Farah brutally stabs the general until he is unable to get up. The dying General, showing no remorse for his atrocities, tells her that what he did was to prevent terrorists from her country from harming Russia. Farah then takes the knife out of him and kicks his body out of the helicopter.

With General Barkov dead, the plan is set to destroy the factory. With all charges being set, Alex detonates the bomb inside, destroying the factory. Nikolai, who is revealed to be the pilot of the helicopter, expresses his thanks for her actions. Farah asks Nikolai to fly them back to Urzikstan. The mission ends as the chopper flies away from the destroyed factory.


Laswell meets with Price at a teahouse, discussing a new threat with Price proposing a task force to counter it. Viktor Zakhaev, son of Imran Zakhaev, has plans to take over Barkov's place after Russia's disownment of him as well as freeing Hadir. With the files provided by Laswell from General Shepherd, John "Soap" MacTavish, Kyle Garrick (nicknamed Gaz), and Simon "Ghost" Riley are handpicked and Price names the task force 141.

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