"All units this is Command. A-10 Drone Support is now offline. Fall back to secondary defensive positions. I repeat all units retreat from the beach."
— Command ordering all US forces to retreat from the beachfront.

The Invasion of Fort Santa Monica was a Federation assault on Fort Santa Monica, a U.S. military base in Los Angeles.


On the 8th of June, 2027, the Federation forces launched a full-scale attack on Los Angeles and Fort Santa Monica, in an attempt to finally conquer the Western Seaboard. A large landing force of several air-cushioned vehicles, helicopters and naval vessels assault Santa Monica Pier, catching the Americans off guard. The U.S. forces struggle to hold off the invaders back while Logan Walker and his brother Hesh attempt to thin them out with a heavy machine gun. However, they were attacked by Mi-24 Hinds and were forced to fight in the trenches below. U.S. forces pushed back the Federation forces using A-10 drones, dealing heavy casualties on them. However the Federation quickly switched their strategy and went for the drone control tower. With the drones seemingly their only hope to repel the invasion, the Ghosts push towards the control tower.

However, before they can reach it, the tower is obliterated when a MiG-29 launches a missile at it, disabling the drones. With the drones offline, Command orders all U.S. forces to retreat from the beach. The Federation began their final push into Fort Santa Monica, however Command ordered all remaining U.S. forces to stand their ground as a last-ditch attempt at repelling the invaders, which proved successful, and resulted in the Federation retreating from the area. Although Fort Santa Monica was heavily damaged, it remained in American hands.


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