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Full Isolated map

Isolated is a Battle Royale map available in Call of Duty: Mobile. The map features various places from Modern Warfare and Black Ops series, in addition to new exclusive locations.



Landing on the small island’s north shore takes us to the Pier, a seaside town where a seafaring vessel or two usually come to anchor.

Here, several housing complexes give way to plenty of potential loot spawns. In terms of vehicles, it’s common to find a Tactical Raft on the water, and there could even be a Helicopter near the eastern-most trio of houses.


Nuketown is nestled in the bigger community seen outside the main Cul-de-Sac, but the Green and Yellow houses could still be prime locations to set up a solid defense.


Crossing the Northern-most bridge from the smaller island to the main island takes to the Dock.

Within the confines of its container set, Shipment on Isolated’s Dock area can also be a place for fast-paced fights, and its containers could contain some useful items for survival.

It's also possible to get on top of these containers, as well as others, for an overwatch position over this area of the map.


An abandoned railyard sits just southeast of the Dock with two large warehouses highlighting this potentially loot-filled building complex.


The mansion in Estate is on a high ground; is located West os the Forest.


East of the Estate is the Forest.

This Forest is a barren wasteland thanks to the hot and arid climate from the south. It is also technically in a valley with hills to the north and east, with sparse vegetation and craggy outcrops.


Standoff is ready to welcome potential snipers who decide to set up shop in one of its multi-story buildings.

Nuclear Plant

One of the northern-most main areas on Isolated is a large Nuclear Plant, complete with a few massive cooling towers that can be explored… and even dropped into from above!

These cooling towers do have loot to pick up, but it may be great to also explore the warehouses and other buildings on the complex.

The area’s points of interest also go far beyond man-made structures. One of the tallest hills on the map sits just south of the Nuclear Plant, and to the north across a bridge is another small island that has a few houses and other potential loot locations.

Bus Station

South of the Nuclear Plant and East of Standoff is the Bus Station.

Originally the Bus Station region there was no snow, but in the Season 2 update the region had snow added.


North of Pipeline and Estate and South of Standoff Its located Farm.

A massive creature called Cerberus can be found in the Farm’s cornfield to the northeast. Is an undead hulking monstrosity that shoots fireballs and rushes at any soldier who dares to challenge it.

Taking down this beast could be a Herculean task; its health pool is massive enough to require either plenty of solo firepower or a full squad to put it to rest, and it is very likely that other players might be lurking about to ambush those who face the cerberus.

Kill Cerberus rewards plenty of incredible high-level loot.

Launch Base

Launch Base is located in the central-most area of Isolated.

Launch Base are within a complex of several other buildings that can be explored.


Crash area on Isolated features its signature crashed helicopter and other buildings from the war-torn settlement.


Diner there are plenty of potentially loot-filled houses and buildings to explore outside the main Diner. The area also is nestled among several hills on Isolated, which offer a bit of rough terrain when trying to travel out and away from the collapse.

Practice Range

The southern-most area of Isolated contains the Practice Range, an area with an obstacle course, airplane hangars, and plenty of sheet metal buildings that act as a training ground for soldiers in training.


Located in the Northwest-most portion of Isolated, Overgrown features buildings and tall grass.

From the large farmhouse to the gas station and the creek that runs below, cut through the grass here and you may potentially find enough loot.

Originally the Overgrown region there was no snow, but in the Season 2 update the region had snow added.


Beautiful Japanese cherry blossoms are in bloom in this area.

South of the main town is a small lake island that is accessible by way of an old wooden bridge. Sometimes, this area contains an upgrade station to boost the class. In either case, the houses here offer a bit of protection and more potential loot locations outside of town.


Across the pond from Sakura is Killhouse.


Countdown is located on the Southwest corner of the map.

Countdown is a massive missile launch site with multiple silos and hangers to explore.


Circus is located between Pipeline and Estate.

Circus was added as part of Season 2 update. [1]

Aerial Platform

Aerial Platform is a suspended platform that is located in the Isolated sky. This location is known for high-value loot. Epic and Legendary items are easily found here, in addition to vending machines which can spawn specialist weapons. Weapon boxes, health boxes, explosive boxes, are found in abundance, and there is also a helicopter present (which is often respawnable). The area is surrounded by an electromagnetic field, jamming the radars of all the players within it's vicinity.

The Aerial Platform initially had a fixed location in Isolated. Since the Season 6 "Once Upon a Time in Rust" update, the Aerial Platform has a random location, making it appear anywhere on the map in addition to the location being random per match.

Usable ziplines are found on the sides of the structures, allowing players to enter the area after the dropping in.

Aerial Platform It is added in February 13, 2020 as part of the Season 3 update. [2]


Across the estuary to the north is Isolated’s Downtown district. Here, a few small apartment complexes, shops, restaurants, and a central dance club create an intimate city-like feel in the middle of the wide open Isolated landscape.

Items are plentiful inside each of these buildings, especially ones with multiple floors to explore. These taller buildings – including the central club – also provide ample sightlines across this area and beyond.

Downtown was added as part of the Battle Royale map expansion in the Season 7 Radioactive Agent update. [3]

Black Market

Across a bridge from Standoff, a quiet collection of homes, stalls, and massive garage holds a savory secret: it’s the Black Market, where Isolated’s seedy underbelly does its business while hiding in plain sight.

The area lives up to its reputation: here, you’ll find plenty of loot.

The main garage allows for interior fighting that may not necessarily be close-quarters engagements. Usually, those in need of a set of wheels – or air superiority – could come here to request speedy delivery of vehicles in order to aid in their mission, whatever that may be.

Inside the Black market, it has a bunker. This bunker not only tracks air traffic across Isolated, but also the movement of those who dare to try and disrupt deals that go down on the surface.

Black Market was added as part of the Battle Royale map expansion in the Season 7 Radioactive Agent update. [3]


Anchored north of Downtown and northwest of Black Market, the Harbor is a port of entry and exit to freight vehicles by sea, especially if that cargo ship is in need of maintenance.

Compared to Docks, the smaller Harbor area has two stations: one solely dedicated to repair. Currently, this station contains a ship at anchor, which can be a great loot location on par with surrounding buildings. The other station, currently inactive and not flooded with water, can pivot to maintenance if there is overflow.

Note the yellow gantry cranes above these two dry docks, as they can be used to gain a great vantage point over the area.

Harbor was added as part of the Battle Royale map expansion in the Season 7 Radioactive Agent update. [3]


A long-abandoned medical facility for convalescent patients, the Sanitarium is a quick dip in the river due north from the Nuclear Plant, or a short trip east from the Black Market or south of the Frigid Wetlands.

Sanitarium was added as part of the Battle Royale map expansion in the Season 7 Radioactive Agent update. [3]

Frigid Wetlands

The Frigid Wetlands is the most rural of the three snow-speckled communities, with little man-made elevation from the shacks and other small buildings. A natural tactical position is the area’s center, which is on a higher elevation and can partially block the vista across this small community.

Frigid Wetlands was added as part of the Battle Royale map expansion in the Season 7 Radioactive Agent update. [3]

Ski Town

In Ski Town, the cabins and other abodes contain resources that can help you survive. As you head further north into the mountains, you can take advantage of the natural elevation to gain a vantage point over the town.

Ski Town was added as part of the Battle Royale map expansion in the Season 7 Radioactive Agent update. [3]

In the Season 13 Wint3r War update, Ski Town region has been completely reworked, now a full-fledged ski resort. [4] You can reach the Ski Town by ski lifts located in Outpost, Nuclear Plant, Dormitory and Heat. Ski runs go to Frigid Wetland, Sanitarium, Nuclear Plant, Overgrown, Dormitory and Heat.


Heat is located in easternmost, a small village that, contrary to its name, is in an extremely chilly climate.

Heat is a snowy suburb bordered by a river and Ski town to the west, Overgrown to the southwest, and Sakura to the south.

Heat was added as part of the Battle Royale map expansion in the Season 7 Radioactive Agent update. [3]


Outpost is a riverside settlement to the frigid northern zone, positioned north of Nuclear Plant and just east of Sanitarium.

Assault boats line the river leading up to a cluster of buildings hugging the main road.

Outpost was added as part of Season 9 Conquest update. [5]


Dormitory is located in southeast of Ski Town toward the lake.

Dormitory consists of a medium-sized dormitories surrounded by smaller administrative buildings overlooking the river.

Dormitory was added as part of Season 9 Conquest update. [5]

Radar Base

Located on the coast between Downtown and Harbor, Radar Base is a small surveillance community set up with a cliffside ocean view for minimal interference.

Far out on the northern coast, the Radar Base will often fall outside of the safe area. Include it in an early match coastal trip from Harbor to Radar Base to Downtown and across the bridge toward the circle.

Radar Base was added as part of Season 9 Conquest update. [5]


In Middle of the map, is located Camp, east of Pipeline.

Camp was added as part of Season 9 Conquest update. [5]

New Vision City

Around Nuketown, a futuristic cyber city called New Vision City is located. Enter the sphere to transport to a nighttime setting with neon lights amid high-rises, crossing tracks, and the central plaza.

New Vision City was added as part of Season 7: New Vision City update.



  • in the game files, Isolated is called br_desert.
  • Before start of a game, the players codename in Isolated is Rebirth.
  • Some locations of Isolated are based on Multiplayer maps and areas from the Modern Warfare and Black Ops series:
  • In the days before the reveal of the second large-scale Battle Royale map Blackout, the Hijacked yacht of Blackout appeared outside of Isolated, south of the Pier. [6] [7]