"Wilton's just around the bend. Alpha should be assaulting from up ahead, they've got Ivan's attention, so let's use that to our advantage. Keep this quiet... and watch your arse..."
— Capt. Dwight

"British SFSG forces lend a hand in recapturing a Russian occupied Alaskan oil town."
— In-game Description


"Isolation" is the second campaign level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Defiance. It takes place near Wilton, an Alaskan oil town currently held under Russian occupation.


As the mission opens up, The player takes control of Andrews, who is part of Bravo team along with Dwight and Jenkins, who are going around a bend to approach the Russian occupied town. After sniping (or not, depending on player weapon choice) three hostiles near an ammo drop, Bravo team means up with Brewer and Vargas, Who request cover from Bravo team.

Bravo Team then fights through a logging warehouse, and onto some rooftops, where they provide support to Alpha team, which is fighting through the streets. After aiding Alpha here, the team then fights its way though multiple houses, providing covering fire at windows as they can.

As Bravo team fights it's way into an alleyway (after getting an RPG shot at them), Alpha pushes into the last main section of town. After running past an ammo drop and into another house, Bravo team provides covering fire for Alpha once more as they fight in the streets yet again.

Bravo Team fights past the rest of the alleyways until come to a large log cabin, where Russian main force is holed up. As Bravo Team runs to cut off the enemy escape, they encounter an enemy T-90.

Andrews uses two RC-XD to eliminate first the tank, and next the a enemy truck. After this Bravo team heads to link up with Alpha team at the Saw mill. As Andrews enters, A Russian soldier can be seen running away from the group. Bravo and Alpha each pick two different spots to breach and engage the mill. The Mission ends with the two teams meeting up and discussing the recent events so far.



Starting Loadout
Found in level



  • If the player runs ahead of their team, it is possible to reach the end of the level, where Alpha is already waiting calmly.
  • It is possible to make Dwight and Jenkins "stuck" at multiple points in the mission. If the player runs too far ahead, then the other two will simply stop moving and never catch up. This can be fixed by running back to Dwight and Jenkins and walking around near them.
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