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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

"You stab me?! A little piece of shit child?!"
— J-12

J-12 is a supporting antagonist in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. He was a Russian soldier under the command of Roman Barkov in 1999 and part of J Group.


In the mission "Hometown", he enters the Karim family home and points his AK-47 at Walid Karim and his children as they are leaving the house. Walid tells them to let his children go and J-12 refuses, continuing to point his weapon at him. Seeing no other option, Walid throws his backpack at J-12 and fights him. J-12 then pulls out a knife to attack him and Walid's son Hadir attempts to save his father, but he is knocked to the ground. Walid grabs J-12's knife and stabs him in the gut, but he is still overpowered by the soldier. J-12 fatally shoots Walid and begins searching the house, contacting fellow soldier J-13 in order to ask for permission to kill Hadir.

J-12 is ordered to keep Hadir alive and to bring him to a truck. J-12 tells the soldier that there is another child, Farah, in the house and asks the soldier what are they going to do with Hadir. J-13 says that they will use him as a human shield, however Farah may be killed if he so desires. Farah grabs sharp household objects and sneaks up on J-12, stabbing him in both legs, although he remains standing. J-12, incredulous that a child was able to stab him, labels Farah a "Suka" and becomes determined to kill her. On her third attempt to attack him, J-12 grabs and disarms Farah, wrestling the child to the ground and beginning to strangle her.

Before he could finish, Hadir regained consciousness and jumped onto the muscular soldier, stabbing him in the shoulder. The two struggled for control of the knife and Hadir orders Farah to stab J-12. Farah stabs J-12 twice in the stomach, but when this does not work, she stabs in the chest. These severe wounds are not enough to kill the soldier, who ripped the knife out of his shoulder and struck Farah across the face, before forcing Hadir off his back. Enraged at the injuries that children inflicted on him, J-12 begins to strangle Hadir, declaring that he will crush his "little neck" However, Farah grabs the distracted J-12's AK47 and shoots him wildly in the spine. He stays upright for a second, before slumping over and dying.

J-12's gas mask is taken by Farah, who uses it to escape the house with her brother. As they flee, other soldiers in J Group are heard stating that J-12 is missing from the group and not responding on radio. One soldier jokingly asks how he could have gone missing based on his size and build. His squad eventually find his body and inform their team leader.


  • "This is how I deal with rats!"
  • "You'd better hide, suka!"
  • "Time to see father again!"
  • "There is no escaping this, suka! You're fucking done!"
  • "I heard that, you little shit!"
  • "Game over, suka!"


  • The design of J-12 was created by Joel Emslie to create a "cinematic experience" with the children being chased by a "monster in a maze", like a "Minotaur".[1]
  • The Poloski skin for Minotaur heavily resembles J-12's outfit.
    • Furthermore, J-12 and Minotaur share similar Russian style prison tattoos on their chests.
  • A weapon charm of J-12 was added into Season Six's Battle Pass.
  • If Farah approaches J-12 while he is engaged in combat with her father, J-12 will grab her and she will throw her arms against him to no avail
    • A similar result will occur if Farah waits until after J-12 kills her father and then sneaks up on him without obtaining a weapon first.
  • If Farah does not stab J-12 while Hadir is trying to throw him, J-12 will throw Hadir over his shoulder before smashing his AK-47 onto Hadir's neck, killing him and prematurely fulfilling his future promise to crush Hadir's "little neck".