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"The majority of man’s existence has been slavery to uninvited power."
— "The Butcher"

Jamal Rahar (Arabic: جمال رحار), also known as The Butcher, is the tertiary antagonist in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Rahar is a prominent member of the terrorist organization Al-Qatala under Omar "The Wolf" Sulaman.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Plodding, assiduous, and exceptionally merciless in his tactics, Al-Qatala’s infamous “Butcher” is perhaps the most wanted terrorist in the world, second only to his mentor and leader, The Wolf. A “man of no country,” the Butcher claims all sovereignty as illegitimate, all governments as fraudulent, and every elected official as “a con man deserving the most heinous of deaths.” The Butcher is Al-Qatala’s primary enforcer, often referred to as the Wolf’s “number 2.” He espouses AQ’s ideology of anarchy and applies its most violent principals whenever and wherever he can.

Few pictures exist of the Butcher, with even fewer words that can be attributed to him, as his real identity remains unconfirmed. Most of his public profile is shaped from limited appearances in AQ video posts and classified intelligence reports. The CIA suspects his actual name to be Jamal Rahar, born in Urzikstan some thirty years ago. The name “Rahar” appears in documents recovered by a Delta raid on one of the Wolf’s terrorist training camps near the border four years ago. “Rahar” was apparently singled out by the Wolf himself as having “exceptional potential,” and sources suggest he was groomed to be the Wolf’s right-hand man.

What is not in dispute is the Butcher’s long known pedigree of bombings and beheadings of government facilities and personnel (respectively) throughout the world. Each execution is carefully video recorded, edited and distributed on the Dark Web to excite sympathizers and financial backers. A segment of a speech attributed directly to the Butcher from an early Al-Qatala recruitment video states:

“The majority of man’s existence has been slavery to uninvited power. Man has foolishly martyred his body, his mind and his soul to the power of another. We are taught from a young age, you must obey these rules! You must obey these laws! And what has been your reward? Your homes are taken from you! Your land has been raped! You remain a slave. Now, we write our own story. We strike down the enslavers wherever we find them. We will purge their world and burn it all to ashes. Only then, will we know freedom!”[1]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Jamal's signature Desert Eagle (.50 GS) has the G.I. Mini Reflex sight attached.

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