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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

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"The majority of man's existence has been slavery to uninvited power."
— "The Butcher"

Jamal Rahar (Arabic: جمال رحار), also known as The Butcher, is the quaternary antagonist in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Rahar is a prominent member of the terrorist organization Al-Qatala under Omar "The Wolf" Sulaman.


Jamal Rahar was born sometime in the 1980s, somewhere in Urzikstan. Later in his life, he married a woman named Ousa, and together they had a son named Amon. He eventually joined the terrorist organization Al-Qatala (The Killers), but promised Ousa and Amon that he would keep his violent and brutal secrets away from them.

He is first seen, along with his leader, "The Wolf", recording a message on a phone to an AQ cell in the United Kingdom, before they plan a terrorist attack in London.

The first time he's physically seen, however, is in The Embassy, where he is seen pointing his sidearm at the U.S. Embassy while several AQ fighters chant for The Wolf's release. He demands The Wolf to be handed over or else they come into the embassy to find him. When Al-Qatala are successful in breaching the embassy, The Butcher can be seen outside the embassy with a huge group of armed Al-Qatala fighters, as they charge into the lobby and mercilessly kill several U.S. Marines. Later, he is seen trying to force the embassy staff to open the door to allow him and his men entry into the embassy to find The Wolf. It is here that his merciless nature is first revealed, as he gives Price a choice: all the people in the embassy, including civilians and the Marines, die, or The Wolf is given to them. He then coldly executes a man, while holding the man's son in front of the door, before killing him, all the while, the helpless mother is watching. He then tells his troops to bring the truck around as he and some of his men leave. He is not seen for a long time after, but once the player gets to the basement saferoom and is instructed to get the Ambassador's assistant, Stacy Davidson, to safety, The Butcher and an Al-Qatala insurgent are seen interrogating a civilian about The Wolf's location. The man insists that he doesn't know where The Wolf is, but The Butcher shoves this as a lie, as he continues beating the man. The man tries to bargain, and says that it's possible that someone else knows of The Wolf's location. The Butcher says that he "doesn't have someone else", and he says that the only person he has is the civilian himself, "who does not belong in [The Butcher's] country," and that ["Urzikstan] is not [the United States'] land." He then tells the man, "You don't want me to come to your country, and take your people." The man says "No...but I can't help you." to which The Butcher says "That's too bad for you!" After this, The Butcher is not seen for the rest of the mission, but it's assumed that he personally rescued The Wolf while Price, Garrick, Farah, Hadir and Alex were busy fighting off the Al-Qatala threat. He is mentioned by Farah in the intro cutscene for Highway of Death, having escaped the Embassy with The Wolf, while AQ fighters will hide them in the city.

He is then seen in the intro cutscene for The Wolf's Den, where he and The Wolf agree to help Hadir, who wanted to personally kill Barkov and destroy the gas himself, while AQ wanted to use the gas to remove foreign power across the globe. After the death of Omar Sulaman, he assumes command of Al-Qatala as its new leader and traveled to Saint Petersburg where he plotts his vengeance by using the chemical weapons in retaliation against the global powers he held responsible for his mentor and friend's assassination. Before he could enact his plan however, he was pursued and captured by Kyle "Gaz" Garrick and John Price in an unofficial joint-operation between the SAS and the Chimera. After being captured, he is taken for interrogation, but refuses to disclose any information. However, when Garrick brings in his wife and child, he begins to panic. Ousa harshly scolds him for getting her and her son involved, although he admits that his family had nothing to do with any of his crimes. Kyle threatens them with a revolver until he finally breaks and then reveals the location of Hadir Karim's target: Barkov. What happens to him next depends on the player's choice: They can either execute him for his crimes in front of his grieving family or leave him to be arrested by Russian police to undergo a criminal trial and potentially face life imprisonment or the death penalty.


Plodding, assiduous, and exceptionally merciless in his tactics, Al-Qatala's infamous "Butcher" is perhaps the most wanted terrorist in the world, second only to his mentor and leader, The Wolf. A "man of no country," the Butcher claims all sovereignty as illegitimate, all governments as fraudulent, and every elected official as "a con man deserving the most heinous of deaths." The Butcher is Al-Qatala's primary enforcer, often referred to as The Wolf's "number 2." He espouses AQ's ideology of anarchy and applies its most violent principals whenever and wherever he can.

Few pictures exist of The Butcher, with even fewer words that can be attributed to him, as his real identity remains unconfirmed. Most of his public profile is shaped from limited appearances in AQ video posts and classified intelligence reports. The CIA suspects his actual name to be Jamal Rahar, born in Urzikstan some thirty years ago. The name "Rahar" appears in documents recovered by a Delta raid on one of the Wolf's terrorist training camps near the border four years ago. "Rahar" was apparently singled out by The Wolf himself as having "exceptional potential," and sources suggest he was groomed to be the Wolf's right-hand man.

What is not in dispute is The Butcher's long known pedigree of bombings and beheadings of government facilities and personnel (respectively) throughout the world. Each execution is carefully video recorded, edited and distributed on the Dark Web to excite sympathizers and financial backers. A segment of a speech attributed directly to The Butcher from an early Al-Qatala recruitment video states:

"The majority of man's existence has been slavery to uninvited power. Man has foolishly martyred his body, his mind and his soul to the power of another. We are taught from a young age, you must obey these rules! You must obey these laws! And what has been your reward? Your homes are taken from you! Your land has been raped! You remain a slave. Now, we write our own story. We strike down the enslavers wherever we find them. We will purge their world and burn it all to ashes. Only then, will we know freedom!"[1]


  • Jamal's signature Desert Eagle (.50 GS) has the G.I. Mini Reflex sight attached.
  • His actual name is unknown, but the CIA suspect his name to be Jamal Rahar, the latter name having appeared in documents recovered during a Delta raid on an Al-Qatala training camp.
  • If the player chooses to wait when the Butcher reveals the whereabouts of Hadir and the stolen Russian gas after interrogating him in Old Comrades, he will start a very long conversation with Garrick, where he says that "threatening [his] family will not solve [Garrick's] considerable fucking problem", and that "the world is going to burn. Get a good seat."
  • If the player kills him during the interrogation, Price will say that "There's a fine line between right and wrong."