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"Jams enemy minimap, movement, and aiming systems. Effective against equipment."
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The Jammer Grenade is a tactical equipment featured in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. It is unlocked at level 6.

When detonated, the Jammer Grenade will disrupt the minimaps and HUD of any players affected. It will also render their movement useless, slowed down to a crawl and unable to turn at normal speed.

The Jammer Grenade features a heightened usage towards equipment such as the Stryker's Micro Turret payload or the Black Hole Projector, rendering enemy equipment either disabled or destroyed once affected by the Jammer Grenade. As such, the Jammer Grenade excels in objective based game modes such as Hardpoint to clear a room from any and all equipment. Jammer Grenades also affect scorestreaks such as the Scarab and Shock Sentry.

The Tier 3 perk Hardwired gives an immunity to the Jammer Grenade's EMP effects, instead only disabling movement systems whilst keeping the HUD active.

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