The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: World at War.

"You think because you say nothing... you are strong?"
— Japanese Officer.

The Japanese Officer was a soldier who appeared in Call of Duty: World at War, notably appearing in the mission "Semper Fi". He was presumably the commanding officer stationed on Makin Atoll. He had close-cropped black hair and a mustache.


He played a semi-major role in the mission "Semper Fi", and is the first character seen in the game. Sometime before the start of the game, soldiers under his command captured a group of U.S. Marines, among them Privates C. Miller and K. Pyle. He and a Private 1st Class interrogated Miller and Pyle, while other Japanese troops continuously beat the other Marines. He taunted Pyle, telling him that they are all weak, and questioned if all the Americans were as weak as the two, before the Private spits in his face. He then violently responded by sticking his lit cigarette into Pyle's eye, before ordering the PFC to execute the two Marines and then walking out of the hut. After executing Pyle, the PFC comes for Miller, declaring that he's weak, not noticing Roebuck behind him. He stabs the PFC with his Knife before he can kill Miller. The Japanese officer is strangled to death by Sullivan using his M1897 Trenchgun. His Nambu pistol is given to Miller.


  • When the officer smokes, it is seen that the smoke is not really inside his mouth, but the cigarette is just near his mouth.
  • In the Wii version, the Japanese officer wears an officer's cap.
  • When the graphic content is off, it is impossible to see the officer kill Pvt. Pyle, as Miller will simply look down until the other soldier attempts (but fails) to slit Miller's throat.
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