"Kisama wa tsuyoku nai. (You are not strong.)"
— After executing Pyle.

The Japanese PFC was a soldier in Call of Duty World at War. He was seen in the first mission, "Semper Fi", and is the one who executed Private Pyle.


Before Semper Fi, Corporal Roebuck explains how Miller and his reconnaissance team was sent to Makin Atoll, but were captured by the Imperial Japanese Army. When the mission starts, a Japanese Officer is seen interrogating Miller while a Japanese PFC beats Pvt. Pyle mercilessly with a bamboo stick. The Japanese Officer taunted Pvt. Pyle in Japanese by saying that he is weak and asking if all American soldiers are the same. Pyle reacted by spitting blood into the Officer's face as a sign of disrespect. The Officer then shoved a lit cigarette he was smoking into Pyle's eye. The Officer then ordered the Japanese PFC to execute both Pyle and Miller. The PFC accepts the orders, pulls out a boot knife and slices Pyle's throat. However, when he moves to execute Miller, Roebuck kills him with a knife.

Trivia Edit

  • He is the announcer for the Imperial Japanese Army in the game's Pacific Maps in multiplayer.
  • In the Wii version, when Roebuck stabs him, the wound textures on his character model are not present.
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