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Jaxiplanet is a Twitter account created by Treyarch, used to promote Call of Duty: Black Ops III. Only three tweets were released, however, two of them were linked to SoundCloud files, and the other tagged TheUnmarkedMan, another Treyarch made account.

The account returns again within the safehouse's Data Vault, where another account by the name Thread Count interacts with him. To access Jaxiplanet's messages, players have to go to the "Coalescence corporation Disaster" page and press on "Speculation". Below are given the posts on Jaxiplaents' account from the Data Vault.

Four years later

The following blog post was posted on (20)64 at 3:13 AM:


As the world approaches the fourth anniversary of the Coalescence Corporation disaster in Singapore it seems we as a people should take a long look at what happened and what has yet to be done concerning this global tragedy.

This event has been the subject of conjecture and debate since the morning it occurred, and to this day the answers the world has received are less than forthright. The former head of the United Nations Investigation Commission on the disaster, Kofee Anjur is quoted saying: "I don't believe for a minute we got everything right", that the commission was set up to fail, that people should keep asking questions about Coalescence Corporation Disaster, and that the debate should continue.

There are already is a long list of books and documentaries covering the many aspects and fallout[sic] from the Coalescence Corporation Disaster but none answer the question on how this happened and who is responsible. Online you will find many sites like this, posing theories that range from failed extraterrestrial power generation to forced containment of a virulent bio-weapon.

As the media focus shifted from the "who, what, and where" of the initial disaster it began to look solely at the human toll. Every night for weeks the big eight news organization filled the air with stories of the people of Singapore and the heroic men and women trying to pick up the pieces, I'm sure everyone can still remembers the picture of the father carrying his daughter down the street filled with the dead.

The question I ask you, who recalls the story of a Coalescence Corporation insider that called in to Sunday Live and of governmental locks downs and secret wings inside Coalescence Corporation itself?

In the months to come we will see a flurry of media covering the Quarantine Zone and the Coalescence Corporation Disaster, none of which will answer the question of what really happened on that day the second of June 2060.

The following comment on the post was made by TheUnmarkedMan on (20)64 at 14:01:

Plenty of stories from inside the Coalescence Corporation showing things out of whack in the run up to the 'incident'.

Check out this blog[1].

Asteroid to fly by Earth

The following blog post appears in both in the Data Vault and in one of the SoundCloud files as a slightly changed version. The following is the Data Vault version, posted on 03/03/64 at 13:13:

The asteroid 2052 CD98 is predicted to pass close to the Earth on April 21.

The potentially hazardous flyby of 2052 CD98 will be at a distance of less than 0.05 AU, and it's diameter is estimated to be between 400-800 meters.

Objects of the size are big enough to cause large scale destruction if it were to impact on the surface of Earth.

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) which manages the Near-Earth object program for NASA declined to comment on 2052 CD98.


The following blog post was posted on 03/04/64 at 9:13 AM:

Direct Neural Interface, not long ago only a handful of individuals had DNI implemented into their body.

This technological promised direct interface between man and machine.

Surgeons could directly control surgical robots performing radical live-saving operations.

Police could identify suspects and threats with the aide of huge databases, this information instantly and seamlessly sent straight into their minds.

This brave new world is now with us civilians are beginning to receive DNI implants.

The price of this procedure is dropping to the point that within the year most people could afford to have DNI implants.

The question is, will it empower the population or further enslave it?

British PM urges Surveillance

The following blog post was posted on 03/05/64 at 11:13 AM:

The British prime minster, James Forgath, urged President Leary to work with the GCHQ, the British intelligence service to monitor internet traffic and the private electronic communication of U.S. citizens.

The GCHQ has been pushing for more access to tech companies in order to gather data and prevent future security breaches such as the recently leaked MI5 documents that revealed the British operations in southern Sudan.

The following comment on the post was made by Thread Count on 03/11/64 at 17:17:

Why so concerned about the Government doing this?

Private companies have been storing your data - and losing it[2]- for years.

Just go off-grid. Spread the dis-info.


  1. Link provided to a blog chain of posts of a Coalescence worker.
  2. Link provided to a blog post detailing tech company "RAJAC" hacked by Druon.