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Jeanne is a female member of the French Resistance in Call of Duty: WWII.

She was captured by a Wehrmacht soldier in the level "Liberation". The player takes control of Camille "Rousseau" Denis, and can open the door in the basement and kill the soldier who took Jeanne inside to free her. If the player frees Jeanne, she will join Rousseau's squad if the player fails to plant the charges without being spotted. Jeanne is last seen capturing German prisoners with another French Resistance member, Claude. She is found in the basement

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  • Originally, if the player left the room without killing the German soldier, a zipping sound would've been heard, followed by yells, sounds and pleads from Jeanne. These sounds were removed before release due to an issue with the Australian Classification Board. Jeanne's clothing was also altered, as she wore a skirt in the original build.[1]

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