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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: World at War. The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode

"Old Jeb Brown the Blacksmith, he saw his mother die. A critter took a bite from her and now she's in the sky. The angels came down to Old Jeb and told him what to do. Build yourself a great machine, its punch will see it through. When you pack-a-punch, the whole damn bunch will not last very long. And while you put yourself to work, sing a country western song. "Now Jeb didn't know much about engineering so he just put his trust in the angels and set to work. After many days and many nights. A lot of blood, sweat and tears. And a little help from the angels of course. He was ready to show his machine to the whole damn town.""
— Extended lyrics of the Pack-a-Punch Machine jingle.

Jebediah Brown is a character mentioned within Call of Duty: World at War and Call of Duty: Black Ops III, and can be heard within Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. He is the creator of the Pack-a-Punch Machine.

He is mentioned in the extended version of the Pack-a-Punch jingle within Der Riese, and can be heard in various radios in Tag der Toten.


Early Life

Jebediah Brown was born in-between 1844 and 1845 and raised by his mother. When Jebediah turned 10, he and his mother moved and settled down in a frontier mining town named Purgatory Point, with his mother hoping to give them both a new chance at life. Both he and his mother worked at a shop in the town during their time at Purgatory Point.

Death of Ms. Brown

On April 14th, 1885, a miner named Clive Farnsworth went down to the mine and became savage and feral after exposure to a blue rock within the mine. While Jebediah was at the store, an undead Farnsworth went to the Brown residence to be met by Ms. Brown at the door. The undead Farnsworth viciously attacked Ms. Brown, ripping her throat out. Their neighbor, who went by "Ol' Bill", came over to the house and killed Farnsworth. Afterwards, Jebediah laid his mother to rest. He would then record his thoughts onto a vinyl disc, noting he wished to venture into the mine to investigate the mysterious blue rocks that had turned Farnsworth mad.

Journey into the Mine & Divine Revelation

Jebediah ventured into the mines, recalling that he had stayed down there for only a few hours. When he returned, however, the townsfolk claimed that he had been missing for five days. The night after, Jebediah received a vision in his sleep of two "angels" that had arrived from Heaven. The angels told Jebediah that he had to prepare for "what was coming". While the angels refused to elaborate, they told him that he would need to build a machine that would grant Jeb "great power". While Jebediah had no experience with that kind of craftsmanship, the angels promised to help him. They would describe the machine as being able to upgrade any weapon put inside of it, with Jeb saying that if one could put a rifle inside, it would "pack a serious punch".

Pack-a-Punch Machine & the Agarthan Device

With the help of the angels, Jeb was able to finish his Pack-a-Punch Machine and show it off to the town. By June 30th, 1885, people had come from far and wide to make use of the machine. The night beforehand, he had been visited by the same angels once again. This time, he had been instructed to craft yet another machine called the "Agarthan Device". They told Jeb that he required three items - the blood of an Apothicon Elder God, an Elemental Shard, and a metallic vessel to harness and carry both. While Jebediah was unable to retrieve the blood (as it was buried at the bottom of the ocean) or the Shard (as Jebediah did not have the means to siphon a soul to an element), Jebediah was able to craft the vessel.

The Third Revelation

By July 21st, Purgatory Point had fallen into chaos, with many of its inhabitants becoming delusional and paranoid, which Jebediah blamed on the blue rocks within the mine. Overcome with the loss of his mother, Jeb ventured to the cemetery to pay her a visit. For reasons unknown, Jeb decided to retrieve her body and place it within the Pack-a-Punch Machine he had created. While her body did not return from the machine, an apparition of his mother (now younger) appeared in the house. The angels would then appear to Jebediah one final time, instructing him to place the vessel into the Pack-a-Punch.


Jeb followed the angel's instructions, placing the vessel into the Pack-a-Punch machine. Immediately after, Purgatory Point was transported beneath the surface of Angola by the power of the Vril Vessel. Purgatory Point became completely overrun by hordes of zombies. Jebediah recorded one final message on a vinyl record before being attacked and murdered by the undead.


Fragments of the original Pack-a-Punch Machine built by Jeb, as well as schematics of the machine, would later be found by Group 935 and brought to Dr. Edward Richtofen. Richtofen put Dr. H. Porter in charge of replicating the machine, which would go on to be mass-produced by Group 935 and utilized by various other organizations after World War II, such as the Ascension Group and Broken Arrow.