The Jeep Patrol was a squad assembled by Sergeant Moody. All were from the 506th PIR.

Biography Edit

In December 1944, the American Airborne forces stationed near Bastogne began to implement the tactic of jeep-borne patrols. On December 24, 1944, a group consisting of two jeeps, Sgt. Moody, Cpl. Riley, Pvt. Ender, Pvt. Koopman, Pvt, Goldberg, Pvt. Snyder and Pvt. Glover. After several hours of patrolling the forest surrounding the American lines, the patrol commences the last point on their patrol. They are ambushed by a squad of Germans. After about a minute of exchanging fire, three German Tiger Tanks and one half track advance from the forest.

The patrol starts to fall back, but Goldberg stays behind. A Tiger opens fire, killing Goldberg. Ender and Riley get into Moody's jeep and start off out of the area. Snyder's, Koopman's and Glover's jeep is destroyed by a Tiger's cannon. Moody, Riley and Ender start off over the forest, encountering heavy resistance. As they approach a farmhouse which would lead to the line di
Tiger ambush

Armor advancing from the treeline

rectly, they hit a 105mm
Ender bein treated

Ender being treated.

gun emplacement with German infantry guarding it. Ender is shot in the arm by a soldier with a Gewehr 43. Moody eventually gets the jeep to the American line. Riley gets in a foxhole while Moody stays in the headquarters. Ender is treated by a medic named Private Coen.
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