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For other characters, see Jenkins.

Sergeant Jenkins was a soldier appearing in Call of Duty: Black Ops (Nintendo DS).


During Yuri Raslov's mission in Afghanistan, Jenkins was deployed to Afghanistan under the command of fellow SOG operative Captain Alex Mason. At some point, they came under fire from Mujahideen fighters, apparently mistaking them for the Soviet assassins. Mason was wounded in fighting, leaving Jenkins to protect him. Raslov, who was abandoned by his squadmates, arrived and helped the pair defeat the Afghan fighters. After the Afghans were defeated, Jenkins held Raslov at gunpoint, only to have Mason stop him. By explaining to Jenkins that Raslov saved them, he convinced him to spare the soviet sniper. The new allies boarded a truck to return to camp. The Afghans returned and pursued the team with trucks and a helicopter. Raslov managed to destroy the helicopter and the team brought him to camp.


  • When Jenkins holds Raslov at gunpoint, he uses the same animation as the Cuban Interrogator.
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